The Perfect Spring Playlist

The Perfect Spring Playlist

A good playlist can make all the difference with a moment or a mood. Here's the perfect spring playlist to get the moment right.

Things are always better with a good playlist. If you don’t follow me on Spotify, you should (go follow). I love making new playlists and have some for different moments and seasons. It’s kind of an art form curating a playlist. Here’s the perfect spring playlist to get you in the right feel this spring. It’s a very mellow, yet still upbeat type of playlist. Whether you’re just hanging in your room or driving around aimlessly (one of my favorite things) this playlist is the perfect soundtrack. Let me share some of my favorite songs in this playlist but you can listen to all the songs below.

Lauv – Paris in the Rain

So I have one private massive playlist where I just throw in any song I find interesting. This song has been in there for a while. But it wasn’t until I was driving around and the sun was shining while this was playing that I fell in love with it. It’s one of those whimsical songs you daydream about. As a romantic, this song is cute as heck. Lauv’s music is actually really good and this song is a staple so start listening to him with this one. Perfect for a long drive on those warm days with your window down.

No Rome – Saint Laurent

I just want to thank Matty Healy for leading me to No Rome. Granted, I did listen to “Narcissist” only for the longest time because it’s a good The 1975 collab. However, I came around to listen to his whole EP and it led me to this song. The melodies of this song make it a fun listen. “Saint Laurent” just shows the kind of range No Rome has. Everyone expects songs like “Narcissist” or even a song like “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” which a lot of people did say it sounded more like a No Rome song than The 1975. But now I’m excited to hear all the new music he has coming.

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Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour

I’ve listened to Kacey Musgraves on and off. She’s pretty talented and her songs always have some edge to it. “Golden Hour” was one of those songs Spotify recommended to me. Good job, Spotify. This is a sweet song which from what I read, she wrote for her now husband. “Golden Hour” captures the hazy, warm feel of golden hour. If the Jonas Brothers can listen to it while being on a boat and have a great time, you know it’s a good one. It captures all the calm, breezy feelings of spring. One of my top songs at the moment.

Check out my spring playlist below

I used to write a lot more about music. Check it out here. It might be time for a comeback.

What’s in your spring playlist?

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