The Easiest Skin Care Routine

The Easiest Skin Care Routine



I’m in the middle of working full-time and going to grad school full-time. This means my schedule is crazy and having a moment to relax is rare. It’s really hard when you need a break and I usually don’t get home until really late. I needed to find the easiest skin care routine ever. That’s where Bioré comes in. They don’t just have one option but two that will make your routine easy! Let’s get into it.

Easy Skin Care Routine

No matter how tired I am, I usually set aside 5-10 minutes to just focus on cleaning my face. I have dry skin so it’s important to keep it always clean. My routine has to let me multitask and do other things because there’s always way too much to do. I need to be done soon. I feel like sometimes skin care routines take a long time and that is why people tend to put them off.

Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask is a lifesaver. I’m a huge fan of the heating masks and have used it before. It’s easy to put on. All you do is wet your face then massage it on to activate the heat then rinse off in a minute. I love the heating up part because it’s such a cool sensation! What makes the Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask great is that it’s infused with natural charcoal. The Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask helps remove dirt, oil, and surface toxins and purifies pores. All in one minute! Imagine getting all that out of the day in 60 seconds. Worth it!

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The Easiest Skin Care Routine The Easiest Skin Care Routine

My nose is usually a huge problem area for me. Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips are amazing! I usually do this once a week for 10 minutes. Perfect way to multitask and get your skin together. I usually catch up on emails and start doing assignments while letting the strip do its thing. It gets out blackheads and oil and even diminishes the appearance of pores!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bioré and these products are a huge help right now since life is so busy and I need something quick!

Don’t forget to check out Bioré! You can easily find them at Target or Amazon!

What’s your easy skin care routine?

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