The Disney Bucket List

The Disney Bucket List

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Living in Southern California means Disneyland is a go-to place for everyone and I am always at least 20 minutes away from the magical place. So after many years of wanting one, I made the jump and got a Disney pass! I got the deluxe pass, which is the one after the premium, so it offers 315 days of Disney, which isn’t that bad if you don’t feel quite ready to shell out more money.

So in getting my pass, I got the great idea of making a Disney bucket list. Yes, I know I’m going to have tons of fun at the parks, but I want to achieve things and do the typical things you should do when you go to Disney. The parks have so much to offer and hidden gems that you may not see at first. So here is my bucket list, follow along! I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep updating as I go because there’s just so much! Here’s the Disney bucket list for your ultimate trip or vacation.


– Spend one whole day only at this park 

– Eat a Dole Whip

– Ride Space Mountain more than 3 times in a day 

– Eat a churro

– Get a Monte Cristo sandwich

– Take a picture with a princess, especially my fav. Mulan 

– Take pictures with other face characters, especially Peter Pan

– Find rare characters during holidays or other special times

– Get chosen as the rebel spy in Star Tours

– Watch the Soundsational Parade 

– Be in the first row for Paint the Night

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– Watch Fantasmic!

– Get a good view of Disneyland Forever or firework show

– Get a Baymax balloon

– Ride Autopia 

– Eat at any sit-down restaurant inside the park and/or the Blue Bayou 

– Stroll through The Disney Gallery

– Ride on the train around the park 

– Go to the Enchanted Tiki Room

– Attend the flag retreat ceremony

– Go on the Jungle Cruise and ask for a map 

– Ride the teacups 

– Go on the Mark Twain Riverboat


– Ride Radiator Springs Racers more than 3 times a day 

– Spend one whole day only at this park

– Ride California Screamin’ more than 3 times in a day

– Enjoy the Mad T Party or live entertainment around the park

– Watch a show at the Hyperion

– Draw something at the Animation Academy

– Play a boardwalk game

Ride the trolley 

– Ride the Silly Symphony Swings 

– Watch World of Color

– Go on the swinging side of the ferris wheel

– Watch the Inside Out pre-parade 

– Finally, ride Soaring Around the World 

– Earn a badge at the Wilderness Explorer Camp

Both Parks/Miscellaneous 

– Start my pin trading collection and trade with a cast member

– Befriend a cast member

– Eat breakfast and/or enjoy magic hour

– Befriend a fellow pass holder

– Experience the parks during a holiday

– Stay at a Disney hotel

– Spend a day with my niece and nephew and do all the typical kid things 

– Take a staged photo on any ride

– Meet a celebrity. Shout out to Disneyland Celebs for making that easier

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– Have a full adventure day with my sister 

– Spend a day at the park hanging out and doing what my parents want to do

– Successfully show my Disney side and dress up

– Get to either park and spend time before it closes

– Attend a pass holder event

– Attend any late night event Disney hosts

– Take a tour 

– Do a parade or firework dining package

– Renew my pass. Let’s be real, this is the end goal


If you’re a pass holder, what are things you do? What’s your favorite thing about Disney? WDW or Disneyland? Have you been to a Disney theme park before? Talk to me and let me know what else I should do!

I’m excited about this series, so make sure to interact and follow along! It’s going to be an adventure and if you’re a pass holder, follow and try it out with me!


The Disney Bucket List

27 thoughts on “The Disney Bucket List

  • How fun! I used to go to California and Disney every summer for awhile. But haven’t been able to get back out there for several years now. My great aunt has had session passes for, forever. I have so many great memories going with her and my late great uncle to the park. I’d love to be able to go there all the time.

  • My husband and I went to Disneyland for our honeymoon and we knocked a lot of stuff off this list! This list is FANTASTIC by the way! The Disneyand Celebs twitter is awesome! Katie Holmes, AJ from the Backstreet Boys and Andy Dick were all there when I was!

  • This makes me so excited! I spent a year working in Disney World, and this list makes me so happy! You will make friends with a Cast Member in no time, they are the best people ever! You’ll have a great time taking a staged photo, those are the best ride photos πŸ™‚

  • I have sadly never been to Disney Land or World (I know missing out) but it’s on my list and hopefully when I make it FINALLY I will be able to come to you on all the advice of what is a must do πŸ™‚

  • So I’m commenting on your blog after not commenting on anyone’s blog in months because I love you & am so jealous of you getting your pass! I hope I can get one with you & we can go together!

    Anyway, love your bucket list! Although I will say you should definitely try riding Screamin’ at least 10 times in one day. Did that once with Darell & it was funny how we were just chillin on the ride by the end of the day. Hahaha, maybe if I get a pass I can do that with you!

  • You will love Blue Bayou!!!! We don’t go anymore cause of the little guy but it was prefect for a date and we love the food. I celebrated my birthday once and it was totally amazing! I hope we can fly bucket DL someday but for now we’ll settle for Tokyo Disney. Although the flight distance is the same between here and Cali and here and Japan. Japan is much more fun to explore for the short amount of time we have left here.

  • I love this! I’m a huge Disney lover and have my own Disney bucket list, but I’ll be going to Disneyland for the first time next month and I can’t wait! Definitely have some things I’ll be crossing off the list πŸ˜‰

  • um. this is absolutely amazing. i’m an annual pass holder but i live in washington (i used to live in socal so i keep renewing it haha)… i go a few times a year… we should do one or two of these together because I LOVE DOLE WHIPS and these things are fun.

  • This is such a great idea!! You’ve inspired me to make a Disney Bucket List. πŸ™‚ You totally need to try a Dole Whip and churro! So yummy.

  • Did I miss the shows on your list? They are really quit good and recommend any/all of them. It has been nearly 2 years since I have been but I loved Micky and the Magic Lamp, and the Frozen comedy at the Fantasyland Theatre. The shows in California Adventure Land are very entertaining as well. If I lived in California I would be a season pass holder as well.

  • I watch Mickey and the Magical Map multiple times on days I go so I decided to leave that out since I’m always there lol the Fantasyland Theatre currently has Beauty and the Beast and Tangled, so I needed to go catch Tangled since I’ve seen BatB. Hope you have another trip to Disneyland!

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