The Disney Bucket List

The Disney Bucket List

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Living in Southern California means Disneyland is a go to place for everyone and I am always at least 20 minutes away from the magical place. So after many years of wanting one, I made the jump and got a Disney pass! I got the deluxe pass, which is the one after the premium, so it offers 315 days of Disney, which isn’t that bad if you don’t feel quite ready to shell out more money.

So in getting my pass, I got the great idea of making a Disney bucket list. Yes, I know I’m going to have tons of fun at the parks, but I want to achieve things and do the typical things you should do when you go to Disney. So here is my bucket list, follow along! I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep updating as I go because there’s just so much!

Start: July 25, 2015
End: July 25, 2016


– Spend one whole day only at this park (8.2.15)

– Eat a Dole Whip

– Ride Space Mountain more than 3 times in a day 

– Eat a churro

– Get a Monte Cristo sandwich

– Take a picture with a princess, especially my fav. Mulan 

– Take pictures with other face characters, especially Peter Pan

– Get chosen as the rebel spy in Star Tours

– Watch the Soundsational Parade (8.2.15)

– Be in the first row for Paint the Night

– Watch Fantasmic!

– Get a good view of Disneyland Forever (8.2.15)

– Get a Baymax balloon

– Ride Autopia 

– Eat at any sit down restaurant inside the park and/or the Blue Bayou (Carnation Cafe & Plaza Inn)

– Stroll through The Disney Gallery

– Ride on the train around the park 

– Go to the Enchanted Tiki Room

– Attend the flag retreat ceremony

– Go on the Jungle Cruise and ask for a map 

– Ride the tea cups 

– Go on the Mark Twain Riverboat


– Ride Radiator Springs Racers more than 3 times a day 

– Spend one whole day only at this park

– Ride California Screamin’ more than 3 times in a day

– Enjoy the Mad T Party

– Draw something at the Animation Academy

– Play a boardwalk game

Ride the trolley 

– Ride the Silly Symphony Swings 

– Ride the swinging side of the ferris wheel

– Watch the Inside Out pre-parade 

– Finally ride Soaring Over California 

– Earn a badge at the Wilderness Explorer Camp

Both Parks/Miscellaneous 

– Start my pin trading collection and trade with a cast member

– Befriend a cast member

– Eat breakfast and/or enjoy magic hour

– Befriend a fellow pass holder

– Experience the parks during a holiday

– Stay at a Disney hotel

– Spend a day with my niece and nephew and do all the typical kid things 

– Take a staged photo on any ride

– Meet a celebrity. Shout out to Disneyland Celebs for making that easier

– Have a full adventure day with my sister 

– Spend a day at the park hanging out and doing what my parents want to do

– Successfully show my Disney side and dress up

– Get to the either park and spend time before it closes

– Attend a pass holder event

– Renew my pass. Let’s be real, this is the end goal


If you’re a pass holder, what are things you do? What’s your favorite thing about Disney? WDW or Disneyland? Have you been to a Disney theme park before? Talk to me and let me know what else I should do!

I’m excited for this series, so make sure to interact and follow along! It’s going to be an adventure and if you’re a pass holder, follow and try it out with me!