The Disney Bucket List II

The Disney Bucket List II

P.S. Check out my first bucket list here!

It’s time! I never expected a year to fly so fast that I’d need to make a new one! Yeah, I ticked tons of things off my first bucket list, but Disneyland has so much more to offer. What’s different about this year is that I’m also including Disney World! I’m making my first trip out there this year so it’s pretty exciting. This time my list is going to be a bit more specific and I’m going to branch out a bit from my usual routine. So here is The Disney Bucket List II.
Disney Bucket List


Ride the Lily Belle (Or at least get on it) – Yes, the train is still not in commission but they have the train out so you can go check it out, which includes the Lily Belle. They let people on it sometimes so I hope I get lucky one day.

Give out guest compliments – There’s a lot of cast members that go above and beyond to make magic happen. I gave a customer compliment and it was so awesome how excited they were in City Hall. I will give out more this year.

Spend a day people watching – Ever since one of the writers over at the OC Register did this, it has been my goal. There’s a porch on Main Street so I just want to sit and see people walk by.

Stay to park close – You know those cool pictures people take at night on Main Street and it’s empty? It’s because they literally close the park. Like they stay past closing hour until most people have cleared out. I get tired easily so fingers crossed on this one.

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Fireworks at the castle – So our castle at Disneyland is tiny but it’s mine so I love it anyway. One of the coolest places to watch fireworks is right in front of the castle. People wait HOURS before to do this so I need a day where I have time.

Watch the fireworks from a ride – I heard that Big Thunder Mountain and Astro Orbiters are good ones to do this.

Take a VIP tour – Tours give you tons of facts about the parks and really cool perks. I mean come on, walking around with a Plaid is cool. There’s some that are pretty inexpensive so everyone can do it!

Eat all the “Disney” foods – So you’ve read how I haven’t eaten a lot of popular foods like a dole whip, so I’m going to do it this time!

Basic wall pictures – So here at Disneyland I feel like the popular wall is near Small World, although we did just get a blue wall at DCA. So cue the basic pictures.

Attend the Candlelight Processional – Last year I was in the parks that day but left early, so this year I definitely want to catch it!

Have breakfast at any of the hotels – From Goofy’s Kitchen at Disneyland Hotel to Storytellers Cafe, I just want breakfast with my favorite characters and get the button.

Carthay Circle – Probably the fancy spot over at DCA, this is quickly becoming a favorite among guests.

Disney World

Purple Wall – That darn purple wall at Tomorrowland, I am going to find you and be basic!

Character Palooza – I hope this is still a thing but over at Hollywood Studios the characters of Fantasmic come out in different locations and at unexpected times so I want to catch them.

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Mermaid Ariel – At Disneyland, we have Ariel in her pretty blue dress, but I want to see her in her mermaid self.

Carousel of Progress and Peoplemover – I never got to experience these at Disneyland so I have to try these classics at WDW!

Expedition Everest – I’m a fan of thrills and this ride looks so fun! I need to ride it soon.

Welcome Show – Something that Disneyland doesn’t have is an opening show. Magic Kingdom has the show before the park opens and all the characters come out and it’s just a fun way to start the day.


If there’s anything that I need to add, let me know below! Cheers to another year of Disney magic!

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