The Disney Bucket List | Final Recap

I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year that I started this bucket list! Disneyland has become more than a theme park to a place I can genuinely go and just enjoy to enjoy a break from it all. I’m so excited to renew my pass and enjoy some more Disney magic for another year. I’m going to recap my first bucket list, before I put out my new one, to see what I got done this past year. Check out my bucket list and follow along!


Favorites Things:

    • Paint the Night, Disneyland Forever, and Soundsational – Can we talk about how I thought I would only watch these once? I completely fell in love and have watched these enough to last me a life time. They’re the most magical things ever.
    • Characters – Whenever I would go to the parks I never thought about the characters, but let me tell you, they’re sometimes the best part of Disneyland. Don’t take the entertainment for granted!
  • Train Ride Around the Park – Sadly it’s currently down, but I got to ride the train around the park at midnight and it was magical.

Didn’t Cross off:

    • Dole Whip – I don’t know why but it needs to happen soon so I can stop disappointing people.
  • Baymax balloon – I still really want it, but I think I haven’t because I really have no need of it. Sigh.

California Adventure

Favorites Things:

    • Ride Radiator Springs Racers more than 3 times in a day – THIS WAS INSANE. 1) It happened in August, which is still summer season and 2) IT HAD A 25 MINUTE WAIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Plus, we had fastpasses so we literally got out and ran back in line. Seriously the greatest thing ever.
  • Riding Soarin’ Over California – This was my favorite ride and I’m so glad I got to say goodbye to it!
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Didn’t Cross off:

    • Spend a whole day just at this park – This seemed possible when I first got my pass, but the more time I spent at Disneyland I saw that DCA is kind of a hot mess. I rarely spend time there anymore.
  • Swinging side of Mickey’s Fun Wheel – Okay, why is the line (for either side) so long!? Basically the reason I didn’t do it.


Favorite Things:

  • Enjoy Magic Hour – Shout out to the cast member that made magic happen! We got to the parks an hour early and we were waiting but a CM came and gave us a ticket to Magic Hour. Let me tell you, an empty Disneyland is a cool one.
  • Attend a Passholder Event – I got to watch Finding Dory a week early. Not an AP event but I also got to see a special showing of Aladdin a Musical Spectacular thanks to Disney Parks Blogs!

Didn’t Cross Off:

  • Stay at a Disney Hotel – I stayed at a Disney hotel literally right before I got my pass and I couldn’t justify another stay. Boo.
  • Disneybound – I always feel weird dressing too Disney, if that makes sense. So I just never got around to it. Plus I would Disneybound as Gelatoni or Honey Lemon but most of my clothes are black.


What should I add to my new bucket list? Let me know! Stay tuned for it because this time I will also include Disney World!

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