The Classic Blue Jean

The Classic Blue Jean

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I’ll say this a thousand times, I wear a lot of black. This means black head to toe. But I’ve been trying to change my ways and try new things. In comes in the classic boyfriend jean. Fun fact: I talked about these jeans last year and they still hold up well. Uniqlo is my go to for boyfriend jeans and they’re the softest denim I’ve ever felt. I’ve also been a strictly skinny jeans type of girl, but I’ve loving this cut.

The thing with these jeans is that you can easily style them up or down. For this look I paired it with an oversized sweater I tucked in and some black flats. It looks super casual and comfy. But also, you can pair it with some black heeled booties and makes it look a little more dressed up. My approach to fashion is to choose whatever is easiest, so this was the dream jean.

The Classic Blue Jean
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The Classic Blue Jean

I honestly love Uniqlo. There are tons other pieces that aren’t jeans that I own from there. However, denim is always hard for me to buy. But Uniqlo hits it out of the park and I always get compliments for these jeans. This is now one of my go to outfits for everyday life that can easily transition from day to night.

What’s your favorite cut of jeans?

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