The Big Things at D23

The Big Things at D23

D23 is one of the best times to be a Disney fan. This is a biannual convention where you get to interact with other fans, buy exclusive merch, and most importantly, hear all the exclusive news coming from The Walt Disney Company. Back in 2015, it got crazy. Moana was presented and Star Wars land was announced, so Disney had to step it up. I do think they did and a lot of things happened! Here’s some of the biggest news.

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Princesses United

A lot of new animation movies were announced. My personal favorite The Incredibles 2 finally got a release date for next summer! But the one thing that rocked people’s mind was that all the princesses (and their original voice actresses) will appear in Ralph Wrecks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. This is probably one of the only times all of them will appear together and poke fun of themselves. We’re also getting a lot more animation movies, like an Olaf short and Frozen 2, so it’s exciting to see what happens!

Here’s a movie release timeline.

Live Action Galore

By far one of the most popular panels regarding movies is the live action panel. It’s a star-studded, secret footage panel. Majority of cast members for the live action films made an appearance this year. The first looks at A Wrinkle in Time, Mary Poppins Return, The Last Jedi, and Avengers Infinity War were shown. The actors for the live action Aladdin film were also announced. For me, I think the live action films got my attention a lot more than animation this time around.

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Read about the Infinity War trailer through these tweets with spoilers. (Click through the tweet and it will take you to the thread.)

Parks Update

If you frequent the parks, the parks panel is a must. Major news always gets announced that basically changes everything about the parks. There was a LOT of news to take in. Almost every park around the world is having a change. There’s a lot of news so I’m just going to focus on Disneyland to keep this short. But I will say I am pretty excited for the Tron ride at the Magic Kingdom!

Where to begin? First, Star Wars land will officially be Galaxy’s Edge. Paint the Night is moving to California Adventure. Paradise Pier is turning into Pixar Pier. Pixar Play Parade is going to Disneyland and Disneyland is getting a new firework show inspired by Pixar. Over at DCA, they announced a more immersive experience with superheroes which doesn’t deny or confirm Marvel Land rumors. All those details are still vague so I’m anxious to see how that works.

Are you a Disney fan? What’s a movie or news you’re looking forward to?

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