The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

My dad is probably one of my favorite humans ever. I guess it’s because we have a similar temperament and personality. We get each other without saying much. But when we say things, we usually get to the important stuff. I’m grateful that Baxter can help me celebrate him on Father’s Day!

All my life my dad has prepped me to be a responsible person that can stand on her own two feet. I’m very thankful because I can see how independent I am and how I can take care of myself. But the best advice my dad has taught me is to be selfless. My dad is always looking out for people and seeking out people to talk to. He would give his time and resources because he knows it’s better to give back to others than keep blessings to himself. I must admit I fail at this, so I’m grateful my dad is always there to give me advice and show me how to be a more caring person. He’s one of the best examples I have and it’s amazing to see someone who always wants to be there for others first. He’s given me great advice all my life, but the fact that he constantly reminds me to be a better person and look out for others is the reason he’s a great dad!

Because he always looks out for me, I have to keep him looking his best too! My dad is killing it at the facial hair game so I’m excited that I have Baxter to stock up on all the goods for my dad’s needs. It’s a gift that is a small token for all he’s done for me! Baxter has such amazing products and the packaging makes my aesthetically happy. Can’t wait to surprise my dad with it!

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What’s the best advice your dad has given you? Make sure to check out Baxter and pick out some goodies for Father’s Day!

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