That Little Striped Dress


Ah, the joy of Spring. It basically means that I get to pair my black with another color. It’s just really hard to get away from black, considering that 95% of my closet is black. So it’s no surprise that I own tons of items that are black and white stripes. It gives me a pattern and my favorite color pallet with another color, so why not?

California has already been in Spring mode since January and it’s just hot everywhere. I tend to hate wearing pants in warmer weather because I get all anxious and get convinced that I will die of heat exhaustion, so I tend to only wear shorts, skirts, and dresses as soon as the temperature rises.

I gave in and purchased a t-shirt dress, of course striped, and it has definitely given me a whole new perspective on dress styles. I know the majority of people get their t-shirt dresses at Brandy Melville, but I wasn’t about to buy something that I didn’t know would be worth it, so I got a cheaper version at Forever 21.

Hat: Kendall & Kylie • Dress: Forever 21 • Shoes: Thrifted • Necklace: Forever 21

I’m literally the laziest person when it comes to putting an outfit together, that’s one of the other reasons why I love wearing black. For this outfit, I put on my burgundy, floppy hat, a simple gold triangle necklace, and some black flats with studs on them. I know about pairing, eh?

Truthfully, I wasn’t a fan of t-shirt dresses because they’re definitely a bit shorter than I like, but they are so comfortable! I’m considering purchasing more and using them as oversized tops with leggings and basically walk around in comfortable bliss.

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What are some of your go-to Spring staples and colors?

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