Tamales with Doña Maria Mole

Tamales with Doña Maria Mole

Mole has often been seen as a special occasion meal. But it is so easy (and delicious) to incorporate mole into every day meals! Doña Maria mole sauce is the easiest way to incorporate mole into any meal. Mole is a traditional meal, one that you can achieve with Doña Maria mole, but there’s so many ways you can make it work.

Tamales with Doña Maria Mole

I come from a Mexican family so food is a big part of our culture. Mole is one of the dishes that’s reserved for holidays, festivities, and get togethers. But thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way!

The Doña Maria mole is super convenient (and comes in a cool glass container) and gives you options. You can go the simple route and make traditional mole. But you can mix it up! Doña Maria has plenty of recipes on their site so check it out if you’re drawing a blank. My mom is the master chef in my family and she’s so creative so I recruited her to create a fun recipe. Something I grew up eating are tamales! Just like mole, they’re usually reserved for special occasions, but why not have them everyday. Combining tamales and mole was the best decision ever, because it was so good!

Here is my Doña Maria recipe!

[yumprint-recipe id=’6′]

Tamales with Doña Maria Mole

Check out a short video where my mom helped me make some!

Do you want to try this? Don’t forget to check out Doña Maria and pick out a recipe to try!

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