Things Twentysomethings Should Learn to do Alone

Things Twentysomethings Should Learn to Do Alone

There’s no hiding it, twentysomethings, and millennials in general, right now aren’t always portrayed the best. The underlying thought is that we’re entitled and want things easily. Obviously it will be hard to change everyone’s minds about this but we can do things to better ourselves. Being a twentysomething is so confusing. Some people have it more »

4 Times Reality Bites Spoke to Twentysomethings

Reality Bites is a 90’s movie gem. Winona Ryder was definitely my favorite and Ethan Hawke as a existentialist bum, frustrated you in a funny way. But most importantly, this movie speaks to every twentysomething’s life as they graduate college. I mean, it captures the anxiety of growing up, finding a job, and basically living in more »