The Disney Bucket List II

A Twentysomething’s Way to Disneyland

You might think Disneyland is for kids, but boy are you wrong. There’s something really magical about going once you’re older because you get the sense of being a kid and more freedom to roam around the park. But going to the parks as a twentysomething may seem overwhelming. Look no further, I have a guide more »

Disney Bucket List | Update

When I first made this bucket list, I didn’t think Disney would become what it did for me. It was just going to be a fun pastime that I would go to like 10 times in a year (real estimation we had) but Disney became so much more than that and I’m glad. I’m actually more »

Disney Do's and Don'ts

Disney Do’s and Don’ts

Spending a day at the parks is like running a marathon. If you brave both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in one day, you’re sure in for a jam-packed schedule. In between, the attractions, shows, and food, it can get overwhelming and stressful, which can put a damper on the idea of fun. A lot more »

The Disney Bucket List

The Disney Bucket List

Read my second Disney Bucket List here! Living in Southern California means Disneyland is a go to place for everyone and I am always at least 20 minutes away from the magical place. So after many years of wanting one, I made the jump and got a Disney pass! I got the deluxe pass, which more »