You Can't Stop Seeking

You Can’t Stop Seeking

Have you ever felt blessed? I’m sure you have at one point. It’s great to feel when God comes through and you feel everything fall into place. However, sometimes when we get blessed, we thank God but then we feel like we don’t need to reach out to Him as much. I know I’ve been more »

When the Going Gets Hard

John Mark McMillan wrote the song “How He Loves” about his friend Stephen. Stephen told God that he would give his life if it brought more youth to Christ. He died in a car accident the next day. John explains writing the song out of anger and began to have a dialogue with God and it more »

A Time to Reflect

I probably have said this so many times, but this year was filled with a lot of big moments that were hard or good. It was a big rollercoaster ride. However, I can honestly say that I have grown so much this year than ever before in so many ways. It’s been hard and I more »

Things to Be Grateful For

Things to Be Grateful For

Life isn’t always perfect. Lately, I’ve been pushing things aside just because I’m tired and can’t focus and it’s just dragging me down. What’s hard is that there’s so much I want to achieve that it kind of skews my perspective of the now. Sometimes we focus so much on the way we want things, more »

Swim A Little Deeper

Whenever I imagined writing a post about this, I always thought it was going to be a perspective of me doing all the things right and showing everyone how to get the ultimate relationship with God. I had so many other ideas in my head, but I felt this nudge to just talk about this, more »