Let's Talk: Quarter-Life Crisis

Let’s Talk: Quarter-Life Crisis

The idea of a quarter-life crisis seems like a relatively new idea but it’s not. I feel that since life is lived in such a public way because of social media, we see this more often. Honestly, one of the reasons I love the movie Reality Bites was because you get to see them struggling more »

March in Review '17

March in Review | ’17

Post contains affiliate links. I’m so sad that March is ending! Birthday month was a great one and I can’t wait until next year already. Besides being my birthday, I love March because it’s usually when the temperature starts changing and I’m weirdly excited for the warmth. Strangely also excited to do some deep spring cleaning! more »

Be Thankful

It’s always good to stop and be thankful for what you have. It’s great that we have a holiday to remind us to stop and acknowledge what we have. We should always count our blessings because there’s always something to be thankful, even when things get tough. Here’s some things I’m extremely thankful for because I more »

When the Going Gets Hard

John Mark McMillan wrote the song “How He Loves” about his friend Stephen. Stephen told God that he would give his life if it brought more youth to Christ. He died in a car accident the next day. John explains writing the song out of anger and began to have a dialogue with God and it more »

Let’s Put Things In Perspective

You can have your wishes, your plans, but at the end of the day, it’s out of your control. | If I Stay Nothing is certain. It’s a hard reality we face every day when we get up in the morning and with what’s going on in the world today, this is a harsher reality. more »