God in Hollywood

God in Hollywood

You know how most actors who win an award thank God in their speeches? A lot of the time it’s said because it’s a common phrase. No one really thinks twice about it. However, something changes when a celebrity publicly proclaims their belief in God. Both non-Christians and Christians go on defense. Non-Christians think it’s more »

The Meaning of Christmas

The holidays brings a lot of different feelings. Christmas is one of the biggest holidays worldwide, celebrated by many and it holds traditions and stories. The meaning of Christmas is publicized often theologically and culturally, but I want to share my meaning of Christmas in a personal sense. Christmas is deeper than presents and decorations. more »

When the Going Gets Hard

John Mark McMillan wrote the song “How He Loves” about his friend Stephen. Stephen told God that he would give his life if it brought more youth to Christ. He died in a car accident the next day. John explains writing the song out of anger and began to have a dialogue with God and it more »

When to Draw the Line

It’s our nature to run so hard the other way and not choose what is necessarily right. We want to be able to do as much as we can before we start feeling guilt for our actions. But things shouldn’t have to come to this. I feel like we like to play around with how more »

Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours

I’m all for seeing big miracles. If God decides to move a mountain in front of my eyes, I’m all for it. I like to ask God things that I want to see, all good things that can help for good, but rarely do I stop and ask God what He wants from me. One more »