October in Review | ’17

October in Review | ’17
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Another month happening, life is just happening. We are so close to 2018 it’s ridiculous! I’m excited about it but nervous for what a new year will bring. Anyway, I don’t know about you but October flew by so fast. Here’s October in review.


– I haven’t bought new makeup in forever but I went to Ulta and got some things. I got Smashbox’s Always on Matte liquid lipstick and I love it! I’m a faithful Too Faced liquid mattes lover, but this is a good alternative.

– Right now I’m loving the fuzzy outerwear trend. I’m pretty sure that’s not the name of these cardigans but it’s the best way I can explain them. They seem so cute and cozy!

Some of my favorites: Lux Clothing (not an affiliate link), Asos, and Urban Outfitters


– Last month in review I mentioned that I started watching How I Met Your Mother. Well, I just found out Netflix is taking it off next month! I’m barely on season 3 so I hope I actually get to see it all.

– Something shocking, I finally saw the live action Beauty and the Beast. I honestly ended up liking it a lot. The song “Evermore” has been on repeat because I’m low key a hopeless romantic.


– I officially applied for graduation from grad school! I’ll be done this upcoming May and it all feels so fast yet so far. I’m ready to be done with homework forever.

– Life has been going on as usual so there’s nothing crazy to report.

Around the Web

– If you follow bloggers, you’ve probably encountered the New Darlings. They’re my current faves. the girl’s bangs are my favorite thing ever and I really hope my hair looks like that one day.

– Again probably one you’ve already know about but I’ve been loving Overheard LA. It’s so funny but now I’m paranoid I will end up there one day.

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Let me know what’s new with you this month!

Fall Essentials + Wish List

Fall Essentials + Wish List

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Considering that I live in California where it’s hot 90% of the time, It’s ridiculous that I’m a fall person. There’s nothing I love more than the cinnamon scent in the air, hot chocolate, and dramatically looking out the window at the leaves falling. I will honestly still wear a sweater if it’s 90 degrees outside. The last half of the year is always the best.

I’ve been full on fall/winter shopping since the middle of summer, to be honest. I may or may not have already worn some of the clothes I got. I just love this time so much! I feel like this is the time where you can see my personal style a lot more, so I’m excited. Here’s what my fall essentials are and my wish list.

Heeled Booties

I’m a boots lover. I have more boots than any other type of shoe. I usually stock up on boots every season because I wear them a lot. I usually wear low heeled boots since I wear them everyday on my day to day. But recently, I bought these heeled Chelsea boots from Asos and I fell in love. They’re actually really comfy and they can easily be worn with every outfit. For a short girl like me, heels are always good so I’m definitely going to be stocking up on more heeled booties and even try to get some fun colors or embroidered ones.

Capri Pants

Okay, where have capri pants been all my life? I’m obsessed. Like I mentioned, I’m kind of short so capris don’t necessarily look like capris, they look like ankle pants but I’m okay with it. Cotton On has amazing capri jeggings which have been my go to. I like that they don’t bunch up at the bottom, especially when wearing boots. It looks so much cleaner. I am on the lookout for some ripped ones, so someone let me know where to buy some!

Lightweight Longline jackets

I’ve pretty much have lived in my denim longline jacket. It’s honestly my favorite thing I own. If you look through my Instagram, you all see that I wear it a lot. Although I’m not letting it go, I do want to polish up my wardrobe and add some longline jackets that are sleek and a bit more dressed up. I love longline anything. I feel like it’s comfier for me and adds an extra touch to an outfit instead of just wearing a regular jacket.

What are some of your fall essentials?

July in Review | ’17

July in Review | ’17

The thermometer may say 100 degrees but my brain is in fall/winter mode already. I’m so ridiculously excited that we are getting to the last half of the year so soon! I can feel Christmas coming and I’m counting down each day. July was overall a solid month. Here’s some things that went down.


– I’m already buying fall/winter clothes! I got a longline bomber jacket for $10 at Cotton On and it’s amazing. I seriously love Cotton On. If you have suggestions of stores to start buying for the new season, let me know!


– We need to talk about Spider-Man Homecoming. It’s kind of amazing. I’m a huge Spider-Man fan. I had comic books and everything. Tom Holland certainly did him justice. I may have already seen it over 3 times….

– With that, D23 and Comic-Con happened and it was insane! There’s so much news and I’m looking forward to Avengers: Infinity War because that is just going to be intense.


– I renewed my Disney pass. I wasn’t going to but it happened. I’m not even mad about it. I made a new bucket list for it too!

– Grad school is still kicking my butt. I’m slowly finding my footing to get back to doing normal things and blogging more so hopefully I catch a break soon.

Around the Web

– I’ve actually listened to Dizney Coast To Coast for a while now but never talked about them so here you go. It’s a Disney podcast which also gets posted on YouTube that basically talks about Disney news and history. It’s super fun and they’re honest about things that happen at the parks!

– On Instagram I am loving Lian Galliard. Her style is honestly so cool and effortless. Her feed is so clean. Probably my favorite new follow.

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What’s new with you this month?

Current Fashion Picks

Current Fashion Picks

I’m currently doing a no buy month, which is fun and a bit stressing. If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a shopaholic and clothes is my weakness. So I had to step back and look at my closet and find good staple items that worked well with everything. I like how the no buy is helping me see that I don’t need mountains of clothes, just a few key items to make it all work.


I love Vans. I might actually love them more than my white Converse. Classic Vans are so great. I can wear them all the time with leggings or with a casual dress. It makes everything look a tad bit cooler. It’s obviously great to dress an outfit down but cool to pair it with the right dress. I can honestly just be sitting at home and I’ll wear them just because.

Jean Jacket

I’ve talked about my jean jacket before. It’s honestly my ultimate favorite piece ever. The one I have is longline and a bit oversized which is a cute look that I can combine with any outfit I want. But I can just throw it on with everything and it’s all good. I will honestly wear this until it falls apart on me.

Cotton On: Jeggings, Leggings, Tees, and Rompers

At first I was going to separate these BUT the whole reason I love these items are because of Cotton On and Cotton On is actually amazing. Their jeggings are comfortable as heck and so are their leggings. Their simple pocket tee is my go to top at all times. Plus, their rompers are perfectly fitting that I will wear them all summer. P.S. This is NOT sponsored by Cotton On. I just genuinely love them. Haha.

What are you current favorite items?


Spring Trends + Wishlist

Spring Trends + Wishlist

Post contains affiliate links.

Spring is coming and I am so excited! Spring and fall are my favorite seasons because they always feel so fresh and new. But spring gets me happier because I love seeing the flowers bloom and it gives me a chance to do some deep cleaning and turning over my closet to a new season. There’s a lot of things I am eyeing and trends popping up. Here’s what catches my eye.

Romper Maxi Dresses

I am 100% jumping on this trend because it’s my two favorite things combined. Usually when it starts getting warmer I gravitate more towards maxi dresses because I love the flowy feel they have. So having a romper maxi is perfect. Most don’t even look like a romper, just a cute dress so I am for sure stocking up.

So Many Caps

Dad hats are not going anywhere. I am okay with this because I love these hats. Most of my currently collection is from Disneyland though so I am looking to add some different types to my collection. One of my favorite YouTubers had a cute distressed Dodgers hat in one of her videos and I fell in love.

Bronzer Highlights

During spring and later on summer, I tend to take a really simple approach to my makeup. Thankfully, I’ve seen so many brands take out bronzer highlights, which combines bronzer with highlight so it’s the perfect combo. I love the idea of using one item that gives the hint of both and I could go without blush.

Heeled Sandals

I stand at a short 5′ 1, I always thought I was taller by two inches but I thought wrong. I’m obsessed with heeled booties because they add so much to an outfit even if it’s super casual. So for spring I am definitely getting heeled sandals because they’re really cute and I’m loving anything with heels lately.

Shop all my picks below

What are your essentials for spring?