At the Moment | 9

At the Moment | 9

I don’t know about you but the countdown for Christmas just got real for me. And yes, I skip to Christmas, don’t judge. I feel like September went by fast and slow. I had a really busy month. Here’s a couple of thoughts I had this month!

Where is Fall

It’s been around 90-100 degrees in California. WHAT? Seriously, everyone is getting the chilly weather but we’re stuck in summer. I really want to wear cute cardigans and boots soon.

Music, Music, Music

So many great music has been released and will be released in October and I’m so excited! I have a couple reviews coming up so stay tuned. Let me know what you have listened to!

Disneyland News

I was going to skip this but there’s so much going on. Christmastime is going to be amazing with the return of the Christmas castle and a new World of Color. Plus, we are finally getting a Sprinkles at Downtown Disney! Cupcakes and Christmas is basically all it takes to make me happy.


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What’s new with you? Let me know below!

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Sounds Round Up: Fall Noise + Giveaway

Sounds Round Up: Fall Noise + Giveaway

I still firmly believe that music holds more memories than pictures do. I especially love when a new season rolls around and new music can represent a season so well. Considering that fall and winter are some of my favorite seasons, they always give me my favorite songs that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So cheers to a new season and my favorite tunes so far.

Lany | Made in Hollywood

I first heard this song in my friend’s engagement video and I instantly fell in love with it. Lany is honestly the best band I have discovered lately and their other music is just as good, but “Made in Hollywood” takes the cake. It’s such a fresh song and one of those that sounds just right as the sun goes down. This will be on repeat for a while.
Favorite Lyric: Keep it low-key, so we rep all black. Wear our shades on our nose, ’cause we’re cool like that.

Lights | Seasons (Waiting on You)

This is probably the best cover Lights has ever done. It’s part of Rdio’s covers album so you can only listen to it there or if you find it on Youtube. It’s a really acoustic approach for Lights but shows how creative she can get with a song. The whole song is about change so it fits so perfectly. It’s the type of song that makes you look forward to the cold nights to come.

Sleeping at Last | We’re Still Here

Slow songs are what get me through the weather changes and the leaves dying off. I strangely found “We’re Still Here” because it was someone’s wedding song but it’s so good. The lyrics are amazing and much more than typical lovely dovey lyrics. I absolutely love this song because it’s not the slow song that makes you cuddle up in bed in tears, but it’s sweet and uplifting.
Favorite Lyric: There is color deep within your eyes, a history that only you and i could write.


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5 Handbag Essentials with U by Kotex

5 Handbag Essentials with U by Kotex

It is finally time to hang up our beach bags and empty out the sand in the backyard, because finally fall is coming! You no longer have to carry all the junk that helps you get through the day so it’s important to look and reorganize your handbag according to the season. Here are my top 5 handbag essentials, which you can find at Walmart!

1. U by Kotex

Let’s face it, you’ll most likely wear white after Labor Day. Make sure you are prepared! U by Kotex are so comfortable and has soft edges, plus, the packaging comes in fun colors. Most importantly it comes with all new 3D Capture Core draws in and locks away the gross stuff, keeping you fresh and clean while you’re working hard at school or work.

Want it? Find it near you here:

P.S. Want to save and get coupons? The more times you share on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, the higher the coupon value! The offer includes three coupons for Kleenex ($0.50, $0.75, $1) and three for UbK ($0.75, $1, $1.50)

2. Kleenex Slim Pack

When the chilly weather rolls in, it is definitely not cute having a running nose. Thankfully Walmart has this super cool package deal that gives you a Kleenex Slim Pack when you buy U by Kotex! They’re a small package that can easily fit in your bag, but big enough to clean messes. Plus, the fun print gives it a visual boost.

3. Beanie

Some days you’ll be tired due to the sun going down sooner, and other days the wind will be against you. Carrying a beanie in your handbag is an essential because it is more flexible than a hat and can easily go with any outfit. So even if you are having a bad hair day or you intentionally want to wear it, beanies are a must.

4. Lip Balm and Lotion

You can never compromise smelling nice and feeling smooth, especially once the wind starts to kick up. Lips easily get chapped and that is not fun, so always carrying lip balm can fight that. Same with lotion, your skin will greatly thank you.

5. Wallet Phone Case

Now that pumpkin spice lattes have arrived for the season, it’s going to be hard to keep you away from your favorite coffee shop. You will just want to stop right it and grab a cup, so a wallet phone case will let you carry your important things because let’s face it, if you didn’t Instagram your drink, did it really happen? Wallet phone cases will create less bulk in your bag and will let you enjoy the view from your coffee shop because you’ll put it away and won’t have the urge to check your Twitter.

What are some of your favorite handbag essentials from Walmart? Let me know! I’m excited to clean out my bag and enjoy fall-time and the joy it brings!

This post is sponsored by U by Kotex and Walmart, but all opinions are my own!