At the Moment | 9

I don’t know about you but the countdown for Christmas just got real for me. And yes, I skip to Christmas, don’t judge. I feel like September went by fast and slow. I had a really busy month. Here’s a couple of thoughts I had this month! Where is Fall It’s been around 90-100 degrees more »

Sounds Round Up: Fall Noise + Giveaway

I still firmly believe that music holds more memories than pictures do. I especially love when a new season rolls around and new music can represent a season so well. Considering that fall and winter are some of my favorite seasons, they always give me my favorite songs that make me feel all warm and more »

5 Handbag Essentials with U by Kotex

It is finally time to hang up our beach bags and empty out the sand in the backyard, because finally fall is coming! You no longer have to carry all the junk that helps you get through the day so it’s important to look and reorganize your handbag according to the season. Here are my more »