23 Things #GoldenTwentyFree

Okay friends, if you haven’t noticed, I love making lists and goals. When I turned 21 I did something along these lines but just for my birthday month, but for this new birthday year I’m taking it further. 23 things is going to be sort of like a small bucket list for my 23 year. more »

22 Things I Learned at 22

22 was a crazy year for me, good and bad. It was everything I expected it to be but not at the same time. For me I think 22 was that awkward year in the twenties, like you know when you have those awkward years when you’re a teenager? Being 22 you feel like an more »

#GoldenTwentyFree + Giveaway

What time is it? Time to celebrate! March is my birthday month so I’m going to be having fun posts and two giveaways on the blog so we can celebrate together! Last year I used #NotTaylorSwift as my hashtag, but I failed to use it because 1) I forgot and 2) no one really got more »

At The Moment | 2

February is such a weird month since it’s so short and awkward. It just happened so fast and maybe I was wishing it did since my birthday is in March and I’m ready to party. February wasn’t necessarily a bad month, I feel like it was really chill and a bit uneventful. Which is good more »

A Time to Reflect

I probably have said this so many times, but this year was filled with a lot of big moments that were hard or good. It was a big rollercoaster ride. However, I can honestly say that I have grown so much this year than ever before in so many ways. It’s been hard and I more »