Swim A Little Deeper

Whenever I imagined writing a post about this, I always thought it was going to be a perspective of me doing all the things right and showing everyone how to get the ultimate relationship with God. I had so many other ideas in my head, but I felt this nudge to just talking about this, an attitude that I and many Christians take, which is a conformist attitude. We see our relationships with God, our serving activities, and anything else as a routine. Not that it’s a bad routine, but the rut may turn things into to-do lists that we’re more focused on doing them than actually seeking the radicalness of God.

We get so complacent with listening to a message on Sundays and reading our verse of the day and God is there, but we need to go deeper. It’s more than just looking for God when things are good or when they’re bad, but it’s about seeking Him just for who He is.

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I want to walk on water. Not in this metaphorical way, but I am seriously looking to have that much faith that it can really happen. This is coming from someone that can’t even swim. It sounds crazy, but I believe that we can do so much in God and so much in the Spirit, but all we do is skim the surface of His power and what He can do. I always think of John 14:12, which says, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.” Let’s just focus on the end there. We can do what Jesus was doing and still greater things than that. Jesus did insanely miraculous things and yet in believing in Him we can do even more, so what are we doing just skimming the surface?

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Swimming deeper takes sacrifice and a true longing for God alone. No more mediocrity or comfort, we need to seek Him deeper. I remember one of the times I felt God’s presence so heavily I couldn’t even stand and I felt like a small speck in comparison to His glory and I just knew that I needed Him to show me His glory and everything paled in comparison.

This is the great I Am. The God that knows the stars by name. How could we ever be satisfied with knowing the minimum of Him?

Swim a little deeper. Not just because we want to be blessed or want God to fix our problem, but so we can get to the point that He can show us His glory like He showed Moses. God cannot be put in a box and there’s so much that we still have yet to discover of Him, so why are we coasting through with what we have always been doing? Seek Him. There’s still so much of God to discover. Go deeper and find and do the amazing things He has commissioned us to do. We need to experience His glory in such a way that we know nothing else is as glorious as He is.

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