We have been flawed human from the beginning. We believe we are smart, but we end up complicating things, then do worse when we try to take charge of fixing them and many times we live in anguish and remorse and ask God why these things happen to us. But how can we blame God for the things that happen when we do not surrender ourselves to Him first?

God is our father and as our father, He wants us to be in a good path. But He will not force you to come to Him, so it is unfair to blame when we are not looking for Him. We are not perfect. We want to control everything and get bothered when things do not go our way. But that’s the beauty of God, even if we complicate things and get angry with Him, He still accepts us back and in our surrender He gives us the victory.

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Surrendering is scary in itself, but God is a gentleman who will bring us in, protects us, and does not humiliate us when we say we can’t, all while your concerns, problems are thrown to Him. Imagine that? Jesus died on the cross for our sins and even now He wants our problems so that we can be free. Freedom in God gives us eternal satisfaction, while earthly things can not. Although we may think we are living to the fullest, knowing that God will always be there anyway regardless of what we do, we will find a void that can only be filled with the sweetness of God.

Freedom in God is not like freedom in the world. Proverbs 23:26 says, “My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways.” When we surrender to Him, God takes the most precious thing, which is your heart. Surrendering to God is not losing, but it means that we have someone who is watching us. That when problems come, we have someone who is already fighting the fight and although we feel powerless and sad, we can know that God is there. That is true freedom, not doing any reckless thing we want but to have a God who loves us so willingly to take our problems and always let us know that He wins in the end and we can live in peace in Him. In His love we can run free and there is nothing better than that.

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  • Love this Adriana. This surrendering is something that can be so hard, such a long process, of continual surrender. But as we move, as we surrender it can be so amazing. It is such a counter-intuitive, counter-world thought. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your heart on this. <3

  • So so true. This isn’t a lesson you can learn once, I feel like I am always learning it over and over again.

  • Maison Gaton

    This is a beautiful post and such a sweet reminder that God loves the heck out of us. Not in spite of us or our sin…He just loves. It’s amazing! Visit you from Plucky Gumption!

  • Beautiful words. This is something I am constantly learning. I so want to take back control of things, but it is always best to leave it up to God and not worry and live in TRUE freedom.

  • There is nothing better than His love and surrendering to Him! Thank you for sharing your heart and brining words of freedom.