Summer Bucket List | '17

Summer Bucket List | ’17

With summer literally heating up, there are tons of activities out there to do. Plus, I just really love lists so I decided to do a summer bucket list! Is it going to be incredibly cheesy and lame? Probably but I’m just going to have fun with it. I love all the freedom summer brings so I’m going to try to enjoy it. Here’s what I want to do!

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  • Finish my first semester of grad school: I put this in to make myself feel better that I can actually do something on this list.
  • Learn to finally swim: If you’ve known me forever then you know I always want to learn but never do.
  • Finish my second Disney Bucket List: This will come as a shock but I’m letting my pass expire this year so I have to do these things asap!
  • Do something extra fun on the Fourth of July: I love fireworks and good food so I better have something good planned.
  • Explore locally: I always want to go somewhere else but I found a cool spot where I live so I definitely want to check that out more.
  • More beach trips: I am Moana, the sea calls me. I need to go a lot more like I used to.
  • Stay active: I love going on walks so that’s the easiest way I can stay active so I should do that.
  • Visit the farmer’s market regularly: All to support and to buy me some flowers.
  • Pay for the person behind me at a coffee shop: And just being more generous anyway because that’s cool regardless of the season.
  • Watch a sunset: Because what better way to end a summer night.
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What is something you’re planning to do this summer?

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