California is always hot but now it’s consistent and it feels like summer! Although I’m still going to be wearing tons of black, there’s something I want to add to make this summer a good one.

Polaroid Printer

I’m all for polaroid cameras, but I feel like sometimes it’s so clunky and just another bulky thing to carry. So I’ve been eyeing a polaroid printer for a while, so I might actually take the plunge to print my summer memories! It basically prints out your own pictures, which is great because you can pick and choose the perfect pic.


I actually got some great Nikes (RIP Sport Chalet but thanks for the discounts), but I’m totally eyeing some Adidas. As much as I love cute flats and sandals, I need more sneakers to be comfier. Y’all don’t know how many times I’ve cried of blisters at Disneyland.

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 

I’m all about foundation and BB creams. Since it’s so hot in the summer I don’t want to feel like my makeup is heavy. I definitely want to try Tarte’s Tinted BB, which is also a primer! It has SPF which is perfect for the sun.

Maxi Skirts

I love maxi skirts and I intend to stock up. As much as I shorts are a summer staple, I love the flowyness of maxi skirts and a simple one can change my whole outfit so I don’t look like a hobo.

Hair Accessories

So my hair is pretty damaged so I’m going to let it do it’s own thing while I treat it. I already wear tons of hats, so I wanted to get cute accessories! Maybe since I’m always at Disney, I really love the idea of accessories that remind me of Ariel to pin up my hair.


My eyes are pretty darn light sensitive so glasses are more than just for looks. I want to get tons to pair them up with different looks plus looking to invest on some classic Ray-Ban wayfarers!


Don’t forget to shop my picks below!

What’s on your summer wishlist? What are some fun things you’re planning? Let me know!

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  • Rachel Ritlop

    maxi skirts are on my list too!

    – Rachel |

  • I love maxi shirts during the summer! I have not tried the Tarte BB cream but I love Tarte products. I will have to check out their BB cream soon!

  • Even I just love polaroid photos!!! That’s a great wishlist you’ve got! 🙂

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    Those Adidas shoes are hot right now! My girlfriends were all looking for them on a recent trip to Chicago.

  • So in love with Tarte makeup! And those shoes are adorable. What a fun wishlist!

  • I hope you’re able to get everything on your list! <3