Styling the White Tee

Styling the White Tee
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I only own two white tees and I don’t wear them often. They’re so hard for me to wear because I think of every possible thing. Will I drop something and stain it 2 seconds into wearing it? Is it see-through that I have to wear an undershirt? It gets more complicated than it needs to be. Anyway, I decided to stop being annoying about it and made it work.

So I don’t have a completely white tee. This is the closest I could get so it works, okay. Wearing it with blue jeans has been the best because I think black pants just made it seem like such a big contrast. I usually buy basic tees a whole size bigger so this is the only one I own that is true to size. So I just tuck it in because I learned that tucking in shirts is the only way I look nice.

Outfit Details:

For some reason I’ve been gearing towards wearing sneakers and I need to change that. I don’t even know how I ended up with so many pairs. I’ve own these Converse for a few years and barely putting them to use. It makes for a good outfit. It’s all good.