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Spring is coming and I am so excited! Spring and fall are my favorite seasons because they always feel so fresh and new. But spring gets me happier because I love seeing the flowers bloom and it gives me a chance to do some deep cleaning and turning over my closet to a new season. There’s a lot of things I am eyeing and trends popping up. Here’s what catches my eye.

Romper Maxi Dresses

I am 100% jumping on this trend because it’s my two favorite things combined. Usually when it starts getting warmer I gravitate more towards maxi dresses because I love the flowy feel they have. So having a romper maxi is perfect. Most don’t even look like a romper, just a cute dress so I am for sure stocking up.

So Many Caps

Dad hats are not going anywhere. I am okay with this because I love these hats. Most of my currently collection is from Disneyland though so I am looking to add some different types to my collection. One of my favorite YouTubers had a cute distressed Dodgers hat in one of her videos and I fell in love.

Bronzer Highlights

During spring and later on summer, I tend to take a really simple approach to my makeup. Thankfully, I’ve seen so many brands take out bronzer highlights, which combines bronzer with highlight so it’s the perfect combo. I love the idea of using one item that gives the hint of both and I could go without blush.

Heeled Sandals

I stand at a short 5′ 1, I always thought I was taller by two inches but I thought wrong. I’m obsessed with heeled booties because they add so much to an outfit even if it’s super casual. So for spring I am definitely getting heeled sandals because they’re really cute and I’m loving anything with heels lately.

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What are your essentials for spring?

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  • If I can find a Maxi Romper Dress to fit my proportions, I’d be set! I can’t wear regular rompers because I have a high waist AAAAND my booty is huge. Bad combo for a romper. Hahaha. Either I look like an alien or my butt cheeks hang out! I love the dress ones though because the cover the back which is AWESOME!!! Also, Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Poured will make you look 24 Karat. AMAZING!

  • I’m with you on heeled sandals…and anything really! I’m only 4’11” and I wear a size 2-3 in youth…the struggle is real!

  • Abbey Phipps

    I don’t know that I could do heeled sandals! I like ’em flat! Haha

  • HAHA I love that you called them dad hats!!! They definitely are but I love them so much!

  • I am so stinking pale that I’ve excited to add some more bronzer on my face haha. I’ve found I have to be really careful with the color. Admittedly, I only have one pair of heels and it is a pair of booties.

  • Love the heeled sandals myself and I snagged a pair for DSW for a great deal! Love this list!