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I love Hillsong Young & Free. They’re probably the one Christian band that has fully captured my attention, otherwise I’d rather sit in silence than listen to Christian radio. So I was pretty darn stoked that they released a new album. Youth Revival has a more mature sound and probably the best sophomore follow-up that cemented what they were about. I was definitely a little nervous because I had really high expectations and they definitely didn’t disappoint. I also got to see them live and it was such a blast and you can just feel their passion and energy. I also got to meet them and they were all gems.

The songs all have a similar theme of just calling out to God and fully embracing him. If you actually have a chance to watch the live performance DVD, you will see that it’s told in three acts, which is really cool and features spoken word, and tells all about our fall and then redemption in Jesus. I felt like the album was fully balanced with fast paced songs and slow worship and was so well produced that it’s up to par with secular artists. Now let me tell you about the songs.

Like I said before, “Where You Are” took a while to grown on me and I’m glad they started off the album with that. It then goes into “Real Love,” which ever since I heard a snippet of it, I knew it would be a favorite and it most definitely is. Their breakdowns and catchy hooks are up to par with so many mainstream musicians. “Only Wanna Sing” and “Falling Into You,” are also some of the most upbeat songs in the album. “Falling Into You,” has some of the most catchy lyrics, in my opinion, I always find myself singing it.

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The thing I love about Young & Free is that they have a great emphasis on worship. A lot of people want to write them off because they just see jumping and fast songs, but they actually have amazing worship. They know how to accurately mix EDM-ish vibes without it being overpowering and just giving a unique twist. It starts off with “Face To Face,” which just a chill vibe and lyrics just about looking back to God.

Some of my favorites are “Trust” and “Never Alone.” I love that their lyrics hit a young generation who are trying to find themselves in God and cry out to God knowing He’s then only one that can satisfy. The last song in the album, not counting the radio version of “Where You Are” is “Passion.” I think “Passion” perfectly sums up the idea of initiating a revival inside our hearts. It’s all about Jesus and finding our passion. It’s the best song to close out the album and I think it’s a worship song that needs to be played everywhere.

Other songs the album features are, “To My Knees,” “When The Fight Calls,” “In Your Eyes,” and another live version of “This is Living.”

Youth Revival was better than I imagined and it blended electronic elements and still had a deep sense of worship. Hillsong Young & Free has a great production and it sounds so well produced compared to other Christian bands that try to have this sound. We are Young & Free was a good album, but you can feel the difference with Youth Revival. It has a clear purpose and the music is crisp. This album will put them out on the map even more and they deserve all the recognition that’s coming to them.
 Listen to Youth Revival below.

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