Sounds: Throwback Tracks

There’s a lot of new music out there. So many surprise albums, it’s getting hard to keep up now. But there’s still some old gems that we need to remember, especially since the warm weather is turning up and I love myself a good summer playlist. Just because they’re from years past does not mean they are forgotten, so let me share some of my favorites.

Ribs | Lorde

First off, is Lorde making new music? Because I need her to. I was stuck in between picking “Team” or “Ribs,” but you can see which one I picked. I feel like “Ribs” deserves more attention. Although it’s more on the mellow side, it’s such a great song. The type of song you play on long drives at sunset. This is actually my favorite song in her whole album, to be honest.

If I Can Take You Home | Relient K

Relient K is always either a hit or miss with me. I’m sorry. Relient K has been rather quiet and recently released a new song, but I’m throwing it back to this song, “If I Can Take You Home.” It’s a lot different from their usual vibe. This album does tend to get looked over because it wasn’t their best, but I really enjoyed this song.

This is the Life | Two Door Cinema Club

Whenever I think of summer, I think of this. This song will never get old. It’s so fun and probably the most memorable TDCC song. This song is so energetic and such a gem, that if you haven’t heard it, it’s not too late to love it. It will hype you up forever.

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 What’s your favorite throwback song that will never get old?

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