Sounds: The New Fall

Nothing is better when a bunch of new music is released and you just have your choosing for what to listen. So far this fall season has so many good new releases that it’s been ahrd to catch up and listen. Which is always a good thing. So here are some that have stood out to me so far.

Glades | This Is What It’s Like

I’ve talked about Glades a lot and they finally dropped their EP. It features some of the songs we’ve already heard like “Drive” and “Her (Loving You),” but it also has some new ones like, “Summer Air,” and “I Want You So Bad.” I will never stop talking about Glades because every song they drop is so good. I love that their sound is so cohesive, so you can listen to their older songs and the new ones fluidly follow their vibe. 

Johnnyswim | Georgica Pond

On a more chill side comes Johnnyswim. I was already playing their Christmas album nonstop so I was so excited for this album. Bringing together their vocals and acoustics, it’s the perfect soundtrack to chilly days and rainy nights. If you need an album to inspire you, Georgica Pond is it. What I love about this duo is that their songs get deep and insightful in a non ovbious way. “Drunks” completely got to me and the chorus parts in “Touching Heaven” are so lovely. I 100% recommend this album to everyone.

 Rye | Nightmare

This song just dropped and it’s already on repeat. It’s on a much more toned down sound compared to “Wildlife” but it’s probably my new favorite. “Nightmare” is much more moody, in a good way and smooth. I’m anxiously waiting for an EP or another single soon.

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Bonus: Two Door Cinema Club | Gameshow

Not going to lie, I forgot that TDCC was releasing a new album. I remember when they released their first single and I wasn’t too down with it but I decided to give the whole album a try. I wouldn’t say it absolutely tops their others, but it’s a pretty fun listen.


What new music have you been listening to?

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5 thoughts on “Sounds: The New Fall

  • Oh my gosh! I didn’t know you listened to Glades! I don’t listen to them much but the husband does (actually everyone at Hillsong pretty much does) so I’ve listened to their new stuff & they’re really good! I’ve also met Karina once and she’s pretty cool but I felt so awkward hahaha. They’re gonna start to tour here in Australia soon & I know that a few of my friends here are gonna go see them live cause they’ve been to all their Sydney shows! I guess I didn’t even realize people back home in the US listened to them too. haha.

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