Sounds: In Summer

Sounds: In Summer

The best thing about summer is the music. Right before this season we get an influx of songs and tons of articles on Buzzfeed trying to determine what will be this year’s summer song. I haven’t found the ultimate song yet but I have found a few gems that are going to be playing nonstop this summer.

Feelin’ | Lya

I was skeptical, as I am with every new band, but LYA immediately got my attention with Feelin’. It has the Young & Free vibes, which you all know I love. It makes me anxious that they have only released one song and hope they put out an EP soon! Or just anything else to keep me listening.


First + Last | Gateway Youth

This is one of those bands I found on Spotify and can’t find any trace of them on the internet! It’s so weird. Spotify Discover is sometimes so wrong, but they got this right. This song is really fun in a not a super hyper, obvious way. I really hope this band gets the social media memo and that they also release a new song soon.

Yea, Babe, No Way | LANY

Okay, it’s safe to say that Lany has become one of my favorite bands. I love the mellow vibe they have to their music and it’s just cool without even trying to be cool. This song at first felt a bit too slow for s summer song, but after having it on repeat, I completely fell in love. The type of song you drive to, which is exactly what I enjoy. So good, you need to listen to them. They surprised me with a new EP and it’s basically summer in 6 songs.

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Have you found your summer song yet? What’s on your playlist this summer?

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