Sounds: Spring Fresh

Sounds: Spring Fresh

Although I never expected myself to say this, but I’m really excited for summer. Spring is such a playful tease for what’s to come so I am already gearing up my playlists. Although I am anticipating hearing all the new summer anthems. But before then, here are some of the tracks that are currently on heavy rotation, and let’s be real, will be repeated so much until I get tired of them.

You’ve Got the Love | Florence + The Machine

Okay, this song has been around for a while, but I love their cover. Plus, it played in the last episode of Gossip Girl and there was nothing better than that ending. I love Florence because I feel like their whole vibe is always very carefree and perfect for spring time.

Laugh About It | Paper Route

I mean, how can I not include my favorite band? I love that Paper Route doesn’t stick to one thing and always try to vary their sound. It was the perfect follow up to “Zhivago,” which has such a chill feel to it. This has more of a faster beat. cannot wait for their new album!

The Heart of Me | Miike Snow

The freshness of this track y’all. I must admit that I haven’t heard his other music and I only stumbled upon this because it was on one of Spotify’s discover playlist. It’s an upbeat listen and I absolutely love the slowdown at the chorus. 

En Esta Vida | Un Corazon

Last summer I discovered Un Corazon, and I admit that I overplayed their songs. They finally released this gem and it’s amazing. Their electric sound is much more mature and definitely a step up from their previous tracks. You can tell they’ve grown as a band, so I’m excited for their new stuff when it comes out.

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What’s currently on your playlist? I need new music to listen to!

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