I’m always listening to music and I may find good songs from some bands, but it’s really hard to find a band where you can truly like all their music. So let’s meet GLADES. The trio from Australia is making waves already so I’m glad I caught on just in time.

The band is made up of three members, Karina Wykes, Joey Wenceslao, and Cam Robertson and they created music that will be your soundtrack for the summer or spring because that’s the current season but you feel me. GLADES has alt-pop vibes that are chill and not overly sticky and overwhelming as some bands that really want to have that indie feel. Their song “Her (Loving You),” which I recommend starting with, is smooth and eventually picks up to such a fun beat. Their lyrics aren’t overly complicated and not cliché. 

Karina’s voice is effortlessly soothing and it blends perfectly with the music. For being a new band, their production is spot on and their quality rivals many mainstream bands. Since I’m from California and spend so much time in a car, I judge music about how they sound while out in a drive, and these guys definitely pass the test. They actually have a song titled, “Drive,” and the melodies can improve your mood and make you wish you were driving down PCH. Also bonus points because I immediately recognized Karina’s voice in “Passion” in Hillsong Young & Free’s new album. So good.

Right now they only have three songs out and I panicked because I want more. I’m pretty stoked what they have in store because they have such a bright future. It’s time for the U.S. to get to know about these Aussies.

Check out “Her (Loving You)” below

Check them out on iTunes, Twitter, and Facebook.


 Give them a listen and let me know what you think! What music are you currently playing?

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  • YAY! I love music recommendations, and I feel like we have somewhat similar tastes. I just reviewed a band on my blog today, too–The Arcadian Wild. They’re an alternative folk group from Nashville and they’re so good!!!

  • So excited! Heading over to your blog to check them out!