Sounds Round Up: Worship Vibes

Sounds Round Up: Worship Vibes

This Sound Round Up will definitely be different. I challenged myself to not listen to any secular music for a month (which is a cool journey I will explain on another post), which means I’ve been searching through every Spotify radio and playlist to find cool new bands and music I can blast in my car. I haven’t heard “Shut Up and Dance” in weeks, so I’m serious about this, you guys know how much I love that song.

A lot of the bands I will mention are pretty well-known already and stuff I have listened to before, but I will give you reasons why I reconnected with their music and actually truly appreciated it. It’s definitely been a huge shift in my moods because I always have music playing but it’s shown me how to love all music.

Young Oceans

I’m very melodramatic and like to play music in my car that I can look out of my window to pretend I’m in a music video. When I heard “Great is Our God” I was immediately sold on Young Oceans. Their music is the perfect chill, indie that can fulfill those hipster souls out there.


This band reminds me of summers years ago. Besides being my friends, these guys create great music and I completely fell in love with it all over. I remember hearing their album Consumenos, but now I actually sat down and listened to it and it’s amazing. Plus, they have this single called “Correre” and it’s so good. It has this Two Door Cinema Club vibe, which is perfect.

Un Corazon

Okay, so for some reason I managed to avoid listening to Un Corazon for the longest, but now I regret that, because their music is so good. Their Jesus Salva album is probably my favorite thing on rotation at the moment and a gem hidden in Spanish music. “Llueve Hoy” is such a fun song and the title song “Jesus Salva” has some of the simplest, yet striking lyrics that always end up stirring my heart. More people need to know about them.

Hillsong Young & Free/Hillsong United

Since I needed to compensate and find music that allows me to dance around like a weirdo, Hillsong Young & Free become my go-to band. Obviously I’ve heard “This is Living” and the other songs they play on the radio, but I finally heard the rest of their album, We Are Young and Free, and I can’t believe that I didn’t listen to it sooner. Their music is fun and upbeat but of course, contains a great message and exactly what the current young generation needs. With that I rediscovered my love for Hillsong United. I must admit I got a bit jaded with them, but listening to “Oceans” in a different context, it tugged at my heart in a completely different way and showed me that songs can go much deeper than just making me feel something, but it can get you connected.

Check out my full playlist with has a variety of other artists.

What are some of your favorite worship songs or bands? Let me know below.

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