Sounds Round Up: Synesthesia, Hillsong, & Mosaic

Sounds Round Up: Synesthesia, Hillsong, & Mosaic

I’m always the first to know or the last to know about new music, it’s strange. I can either hear something the second it’s out or I have to hear it months later. This is the case with the two bands I’ll talk about today.

Bethel | Synesthesia

I like words. Singing along to words is always fun. I can only listen to instrumentals if I’m being dramatic and looking out my car window while it’s raining. But I remember stumbling into Bethel’s first Without Words album and kept waiting for the lyrics to be sung, the name should have given me a hint. Synesthesia takes a melodic route that combines soft instrumentals with a hint of modern beats. Although I expected more slow instrumentals from their last album, they have an instrumental for Oceans (Where Feet Mail Fail), which was an interesting take on the song. It’s a beautiful compilation and great interpretation of songs we constantly hear. Overall, this album provides great mood music.

Mosaic | MSC (Live in LA)

I should have known that Mosaic had an album, it makes sense that they would. When I heard the first song, “Beautiful,” I was sold. It was a mix of Sleeping at Last and Hillsong Young & Free, so it’s probably my favorite song by them. The rest of the album is solid and I can easily listen to the whole album straight through a couple of times a day. So if you need a new worship band, here you go.

Hillsong en Español | En Esto Creo

I’m such a huge fan for translated songs, especially from Hillsong. I’ve had “Vida Tu Me Das” and “Oceanos” on repeat for a few weeks now, so having a full length album is the greatest. It’ so cool to hear Taya Smith sing, “Vasijas Rotas (Sublime Gracia)” and I was pretty much sold hearing the Spanish version of “Cornerstone.” It’s always great to hear official translations straight from the source, so it arrive at the right time.

What new music are you currently playing? Let me know.

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