Sounds Spotlight: Meet Vida

Sounds Spotlight: Meet Vida

Whenever I find a cool new band or song, I find it my moral obligation to share it with everyone. So let me introduce you to Vida.

So I first heard of Vida when they released the song “Love So Real” on Soundcloud, but I never actually stopped to give it my full attention, it was good but I guess I never fully let myself enjoy it. So fast-forward several months later when I actually got to hear them live. They completely blew my mind. Since then “Love So Real” has been playing nonstop. The California band has such a clean sound and elements that competes with the bands already out there.

They have a fresh cool vibes that perfectly mixes indie elements with a traditional rock aspect. Their lyrics are extremely catchy, I mean listen to “Love So Real” and then try not to sing it every time you say “Oh my God.” However, their first single “Tell Me” says a lot about the band and one of the best ways they could’ve put themselves out there.

What Vida does right is that they have sticky lyrics, whatever song you hear will have a memorable line. Considering that I’m always in a car driving, I tend top judge a band by how good their music sounds while blasting it during a drive. Vida passes the test. I’m pretty stoked to hear more music and where they will be headed as a band as they start to put themselves out there.

Listen to “Tell Me” below.

Buy their single “Tell Me” on iTunes and check out some other songs on their website. P.S. “Diamonds” is a gem, no pun intended, but really, it’s good.

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