This Sounds Round Up I will be talking about Evan Craft’s new song and Newport’s album, Paradise, which came out late March but just made its way onto my rotation. As this series grows, I will be featuring all kinds of genres and both Spanish and English speaking artists, so I’m hoping the variety will showcase tons more music. Let’s begin!

Evan Craft | Cielo Y Tierra

So lately I’ve been in a Spanish music mood, which has literally consisted of me listening to Amor & Esperanza from Renacer on repeat. I’ve been wanting to hear more Spanish music, but I feel like I don’t know which artists to start with. I’ve heard tons of people mention Evan Craft and for some reason I would forget to check him out. Here’s my verdict: he’s really good! I’m definitely more of a fan of his original music, you can find covers and such on his YouTube, but “Cielo Y Tierra” is one of his best. The high notes in the chorus, to the lyrics, it’s such a great song to listen to in your car and enjoy. Considering that Spanish is not his native tongue, he’s surely up there with other Spanish-speaking artists. Definitely stoked and curious to hear his upcoming full length that will be out soon. In the meantime, you can buy “Cielo Y Tierra” on iTunes.

Newport | Paradise

In a pleasant surprise, I heard about Newport on the radio and then realized they were the band from Newport Church, which is a church super close by that I definitely need to check out. Also interestingly enough, they came to play at my university’s chapel so I got to hear them live, which just gave me a whole new perspective on their music. Paradise is a worship based album that I feel is the mixture of Bethel’s Tides and tons of synths, basically giving a fresh take on worship songs. The album was recorded live, so it has that cool raw worship feel. Their whole album is so refreshing and energizes worship and something everyone can like. This is their second release following their 2012 release, Ponder Anew, which is completely mellow and more classical than Paradise, so I think this new direction is perfect for them. With 12 tracks, you will definitely go on a journey with their music.
Songs to Check Out: “Echo,” “Your Love Lights the Way,” and “God My Rescue.”

Check out all this new music and tell me your thoughts! Also, let me know about any new music in the comments!

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