Sounds: Rainy Day Playlist

Sounds: Rainy Day Playlist

It’s (thankfully) been raining a lot in California, which makes for the perfect chill mood. Since we don’t get a lot of these days, I try to enjoy them as much as I can. There’s nothing more relaxing than a candle and snuggling up to the rain. Having a good playlist can only bring this all together. Here are some of my picks to set the mood. The perfect rainy day playlist. Because I’m a firm believer that music can make a moment.

Ben Howard | Promise

This is my perfect rainy day song. It starts off so slow and builds up and his vocals are just soft and soothing. Whenever I think of this song, I think of rain. It’s beautiful and calming.

Bon Iver | Holocene 

Bon Iver is also an ultimate favorite for rainy days and nothing beats “Holocene.” Bonus points if you’re driving out on the rain and dramatically looking out the window while listening to this.

Lany | ILYSB (Stripped)

My love for Lany knows no bounds. Thankfully they have a stripped down version of “ILYSB,” which makes it a great song to listen to it on a gloomy day.

Sleeping At Last

Have I talked about Sleeping At Last yet? Probably one of my absolute favorites to listen to now. I’m in love with every song and they are extra beautiful to listen to on rainy days.

Listen to my playlist below.

What’s your perfect rainy day song?
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