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It’s been a while since I had a music post, so here you go. I’m strange and I’m already shifting into full springtime mode, meaning I’m totally getting down to fun uplifting songs that aren’t too upbeat, but fun and fresh sounding. If that makes sense. So I’m starting to fill up my spring playlist and a lot of these songs I heard in movies, except Adam Young’s stuff, his is supposed to be a movie score and Hillsong Y&F, I just really like them. Fun fact: I don’t know if you know this but I love movie soundtracks and scores. Scores are so soothing and can tell a story, while soundtracks are curated works of art. I’m sharing some songs that I found in films, minus the two I mentioned above, but that are going to be on repeat now.

Lily Allen | Little Soldier

Okay, yes I heard this in the movie, Pan. The only song I know of Lily Allen is “Smile,” so I thought this song was completely fun and embodied this kind of childlike feel that makes you just want to dance around and dream. Plus, I had so many feels after that movie that this was a good pick me up.

Haim | Falling

I’m so behind on the Haim train and I actually heard this song on Paper Towns. I have a thing for soundtracks if you can tell. I love how it felt young, the type of song you play in the car when the sun is going down and you need a song to just make you smile. It got me curious to check out Haim even more.

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Hillsong Young & Free | Where You Are

It took a while for this song to grow on me. It’s definitely a more serious, modern take for Hillsong Young & Free since their first album was just full of synths, but this is a more mature sound. I’m going to be seeing them live soon, so I’m stoked to hear this life and hear the rest of the new album!

Adam Young | Scores

I’ve followed Adam Young (Owl City) since all the way back to the MySpace days. There’s something so soothing about his music, so I absolutely loved his side project, Sky Sailing. So you can imagine how overly excited I am about his scores side project. Seriously movie soundtracks and scores are the way to my musical heart. I trust Owl City since he did, “When Can I See You Again,” for Wreck it Ralph and that was awesome and became the track for the Paint the Night parade at Disneyland. His scores are exactly what you expect them to be and tell such a story. I think Adam truly shines in these types of side projects so check out his first release and make sure to sign up to get his others because they’re going to be amazing.


What are you listening to? Are you gearing up for Spring yet? Or does it still feel like the North Pole where you’re at?

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