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If there is an album I was excited to hear, it’s this one. I have actually never preordered an album before, but I did this one back in May. The excitement was real. Plus, hearing songs here and there, I already had some favorites and it was all sounding good. So let me unpack it a bit.

First, something I love about Mosaic MSC is that their sound is completely their own. They completely embrace their uniqueness which makes their music stand out in a good way and doesn’t sound like something you’ve already heard. They’re a breath of fresh air in Christian music.

The second I heard “Speak to Us” I knew I was going to love this. There’s always one song in every album that sticks with me way before it’s actually released and that song was it.

The album starts with “Across the Universe,” which I think was perfect because it builds up and sets the mood for the whole album. “Heartbeat” and “Speak to Us” are upbeat but not in an overwhelming way. They’re chill and captures the LA vibes. One of the songs that completely caught my attention was “Not Afraid.” It’s one of the slower songs but the lyrics completely hit home and it’s a beautiful track. Also, if you’ve listened to their first album, Glory & Wonder features a new version of “Never Stop.”

The album is so well done that you won’t even notice that this was recorded live. I love Mosaic MSC because they push their limits and show how different and amazing worship can be. They have a sound all their own and I’m excited to see where they go to next.

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Listen to the whole album below.


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4 thoughts on “Sounds: Glory & Wonder | Mosaic MSC

  • It’s been so long since I’ve fallen in love with an artist enough to purchase a whole album. But, I love live albums because it takes me back to the days where I could go and see a show! Thank you for your review!

  • I haven’t been really excited about an album like that in quite some time. I mean I’m always planning my next concert and there has been some great music this year but I haven’t been excited enough to pre-order anything. I’m glad the album lived up to your expectations. I’m listening to it now and it’s not bad! I like the live sound.


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