Sounds: Currently Playing | June

Sounds: Currently Playing | June

New music and old, new discoveries. Here's the music that has been playing throughout June.

Music posts are my favorite to write but I feel like sometimes so much music is out so I can’t keep up. So I decided to take a different approach and write a monthly wrap up of what I’ve been listening to. Can we also agree that 2017 has been a great year for music so far? There’s so much to listen to! So here’s what I’ve been playing this month.

Phoenix | Ti Amo

After a 4 year wait, we finally got a new Phoenix album. Phoenix is one of those bands that feels timeless and classic to me. As much as I love Bankrupt!, I think this album goes back to their original vibe. As a whole, it’s a great summer album. I love that they infused so much French into songs so it makes things more personal for them. Favorite Songs: “Role Model,” “Fior Di Latte,” and “J-Boy.”

Lorde | Melodrama

There’s something about Lorde’s music that makes it my favorite to drive to. Her first album was amazing and even listening to it brings back great memories. Sophomore albums are always tough for artists. People anticipate it and expect the same kind of magic from the first. Thankfully Lorde didn’t rush it and Melodrama is a solid album. It has the songs that make you feel careless and free to the slow love songs. It was a great follow up. Favorite Songs: “Perfect Places” and “The Louvre.”

SEU Worship | Live

I’ve been listening to them for a while but I can’t get enough. I usually have Elevation Worship heavily on repeat but I need to change it up every once in a while and SEU Worship is it. Whenever I randomized one of my playlist and they come on, I usually stop and switch over to their album. They’re a breath of fresh air. Favorite Songs: “All Eyes On You” and “Fountain of Youth.”

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Some Singles to Listen To

The other reason I wanted to start doing monthly recaps was to add all the songs I enjoy because I used to always stick to full albums. So here’s some gems. I don’t know but I’ve been into The Weeknd lately. From “Secrets” to his collab with Lana Del Rey, “Lust for Life,” I’m a fan. If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I loved the show The Get Down. There is a song in the part 2 soundtrack called, “The Other Side (Duet)” and it honestly gets me right in the feels every time. This song isn’t now but I’ve been replaying “Joy Rides” by Mutemath. It’s just such a cool song.

What have you been listening to?

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