So I tried to do Liv’s challenge to cut my social media usage and guess what? I failed. I don’t mean that I checked my phone one time more before going to bed than I promised to do, I mean that I didn’t change any habits at all. It’s embarrassing to admit but this failure showed me how much I spend on social media and is reinforcing why I need to cut back.

I feel like so often we try to justify our social media usage. We think we’re just passing the time while waiting for our coffee or just informing ourselves about the current events, but soon enough we see a selfie and then we’re tweets deep in someone else’s live. We’ve all done it. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, they’re all useful tools until they stop being tools and becoming distractions from life.

[Tweet “Life shouldn’t be spent scrolling. Break free from life online and live.”]

I’ve written before about how life on social media is not how it looks like in real life, we can disguise it to look however we want it. But I feel like it’s different when we actually use social media as a pass time and how it just consumes us. I cringe at myself when I click my Twitter app more than my Bible app or even just putting my phone down all together. I spend so much time trying to get the right lighting for an Instagram picture than just being in the moment. I try to make myself feel better that putting a Bible verse somehow compensates for my lack of actual time with God, which is a lie, and that’s how the cycle goes. It’s time to live an intentional life and not scroll down our feeds.

It’s so hard to break from social media, but it’s not impossible and I think that gives us a slither of hope. Maybe it’s time we live life intentionally and that’s what it comes down to. What are we gaining from wasting time looking at who is doing what and trying to get all the likes? I know it’s going to be hard for me, but I’m forcing myself to put my phone down, keep my laptop closed unless blogging, and only sharing when it’s absolutely worth sharing.

Disconnecting from the internet world can make you discover the beauty in the now. Live a life with a purpose, enjoy the people around you, and marvel at God’s creation.

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  • Yes, it is so hard for me to disconnect for a long period of time without trying to check my Instagram feed or any of my social media. Love how eye opening and true your words are!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  • This post is 100% true. Every word. Sharing.

  • Oh girl, this is not a failure AT ALL! The whole goal of the challenge was to bring awareness to our actions….and you totally did that! I’m so encouraged by your honesty here. I love how you learned that intentionality is the key in using SM well. Thank you for posting this! Im sharing too 🙂

  • Aaww Adriana this is not a fail. The purpose is to learn how to use social media with intention and as a tool. To me it seems like you accomplished that. I’ve been lacking this week the challenge specially in the morning. I’ll be sharing at he end of the week.

  • Oh totally right there with you! I keep thinking I’ve changed habits just to find myself watching tv with my husband…except I’m on my phone! Small steps are still steps, though!

  • It’s so interesting to me how social media has completely changed how we do things, how we treasure moments and how we interact with others. It’s almost like if we don’t blog about it or document it with Instagram or share it on facebook, it didn’t happen. So crazy! Like others have said, your experience was definitely not a failure, because you LEARNED from it!

  • Right!? It’s so weird how I don’t even realize when I pick up my phone an open an app!

  • Thanks for reading!

  • That’s encouraging, thanks! I’m glad you made this challenge!

  • Thanks Gema! I definitely need to learn to cut back!

  • I’m guilty of being my phone when watching something! I’m forcing myself to turn off my phone and wear a watch when I need a watch.

  • Yes! Like I feel like I forcefully have to show when I go out or do something interesting or it didn’t happen. Social media is fun but it can get out of hand!