Skin Care for Beginners

Skin Care for Beginners

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I love everything beauty and I know that I have to step it up and have so much to learn. Since I am a beginner, I wanted to start making a lot more beauty posts for all my fellow beginners, so we can all learn together! Having a face care routine is something completely new to me so I wanted to share how I begin. Skin care for beginners can always be a bit daunting.

I honestly thought that simply washing my face will do. But the more I get older I’m starting to see the common effects of the sun and outside stresses on my skin. It’s interesting also how my skin has changed because when I was younger I was oily but now I’m more on the dry to normal side. I’m starting to realize that my biggest struggle is puffiness under the eye and not dark circles as I thought. I’m noticing spots that I haven’t before and it was all a wake-up call.

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FYI: I am not a pro so ask a dermatologist about your skin if you’re worried or unsure how to begin. I am just sharing what worked for me to start off with. My skin is dry to normal and a little sensitive so if your skin type is different, I’m not sure how these products will work for you. Also, no matter what you try, you might break out and it’s because the products are digging up all the junk so be aware of your skin.

Face Wipes

One of the reasons I didn’t have a skin care routine was because I was lazy. Sucks to admit but yes. So if I used makeup I would just leave it on my face and that was that. Always remove your makeup! Even if it looks flawless, you need to give your face a chance to breathe. I use Neutrogena’s Makeup Cleansing Towlettes and I absolutely love them. They’re not harsh and don’t have an overwhelming smell.

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Face Cleanser 

You can obviously wash your face with water, but I’m weird and I need a simple face cleanser to actually make me feel clean and fresh. I got the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser in my birthday gift from Sephora and I love it. It’s gentle and doesn’t have a strong smell. You can definitely feel the freshness when you wash it off.

Face Mask

I have trouble embracing face masks because I hate having something on my face for long periods of time. I love the Fresh Rose Face Mask, which I also got as part of the Sephora birthday gift. It doesn’t go on as a heavy mask that dries but it just sits on top and feels really light and you can have it on for 5-10 minutes, which is my favorite part.

Hydrating Cream

I feel like I always talk about First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream but I absolutely swear by it! I always need to have a face cream because I use it before I go to bed and when I remove my makeup. This is always a must. I can never do anything without putting on the face cream, even if I’m too lazy to wash my face, I can never skip this step.

Eye Cream

It’s so sad to say that my skin is not getting any younger. BOO. I’ve always had really bad bags under my eyes, but it’s gotten worse. The puffiness and purple tones are real y’all. I’m actually still on a hunt for a good eye cream but for now, I’m using First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy, which does work well because it actually conceals when you put it on. The skin around my eyes definitely has suffered from neglect so I need something stronger.

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Lip Mask

It sucks to admit but my lips get super dry regardless of the season. Sometimes lip balm doesn’t even do the trick anymore. I absolutely love Glamglow’s Wet Lip Balm it goes on and instantly feels a million times smoother. It might feel really wet but it does dry over time and keeps lip smooth.


 Since starting my routine my face has gotten less red and brighter. I’m still looking for more skin care products, so let me know what’s your favorites below and any tips!

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