Shopping for Ethically and Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

Shopping for Ethically and Environmentally Friendly Jewelry



I’m always a fan of shopping better and ethically. I want to make sure that I’m giving my money to things that are going to be worth while. I’ve talked about shops that give back but now it’s time to talk about a brand that is ethically and environmentally friendly. The new Boho by Spence collection is out and it’s what every free spirited girl wants.

It’s Impact

The collection features artisan created diamonds, which are ethical and environmentally sustainable. With each purchase, 1% goes to NGO Not for Sale to alleviate human trafficking. Plus, Spence Diamonds is committed to heal the human damage caused by mineral exploitation in central Africa. What’s also great is that Spence Diamonds is also building schools and housing for people displaced by diamond exploitation.  So you know that each purchase goes towards something important!

Shopping for Ethically and Environmentally Friendly Jewelry


The whole collection comes with various symbols that stand for a value or trait. I got a bangle and some earrings with a leaf that represents purity and respecting others. The necklace I got is earth and represents the elements forever changing. But there’s so many that can represent you. One of my favorites is infinity which represents how the future is bright.

Shopping for Ethically and Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

Why They’re Great

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get overwhelmed buying jewelry. I usually tend to stick to what I have. The Boho by Spence collection They’re cute pieces that can easily be dressed up or dressed down. But the big thing is that you are making a difference by wearing them.

Check out the collection here! All U.S. orders have free shipping. If you’re from Canada, click here.

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Let me know what’s your favorite piece!

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  • Those are stunning!! I need to plan ahead better when buying jewelry because that’s what makes me choose low-quality (aka probably unethically made) jewelry…

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