September in Review | '17

September in Review | ’17

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September came and went. It’s so weird that we are now entering the final three months of 2017! I’m excited but it’s still so crazy to think about. I might put up my Christmas tree already because why not? But before then, here’s September in review.


– So I fell in love with Hourglass’ Vanish Stick foundation. I’ve had this but never really used it. But since I’m trying to use up all my current makeup, I tried it and it’s so good! It blends out smooth and it’s so heavy.

– California’s weather has been a tease and it’s not completely cold yet. But I started wearing my Asos Chelsea boots and they’re amazing! If you’re a boot lover like me, Asos has amazing options.


– I’m a huge an of the Kingsman series and I completely enjoyed Kingsman: The Golden Circle. I typically don’t gravitate to these type of action movies, but these are so entertaining to watch!

– So I decided to watch a show that everyone has watched so I began with How I Met Your Mother. I’m barely on the first season so I don’t hate it but I am waiting for it to build up the story more.

– If you saw my review then you know that I saw Hamilton again, this time in LA. It was so good and I just fell in love with this musical all over again. I’ll be entering every lottery from now on.


– Yes, I am already planning Christmas presents! I actually want them to be really meaningful so I’m brainstorming things already to make sure I go through with it.

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– I celebrated my half birthday this month! I can’t believe I am half way through my 24th year of life. It’s so crazy to think about.

Around the Web

– I love vlogs and one of my favorites is Morgan Yates Vlogs. She’s so chill and down to earth so it makes her fun and relatable to watch. I usually watch vlogs to destress from life. Her videos are filmed so well. Her recaps are some of the best.

– First off just a side note: I created socials just for my blog! See those on the sidebar. Since then I’ve been able to connect with more bloggers and I got to meet Deanna. She’s doing a 16 day self care challenge so check that out. 

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Let me know what’s new with you this month!

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