See What Happened When I Shopped #SecondhandFirst

Fall means pumpkins, hot chocolate and leaves changing. But it also means it’s time to change your closet. Since Fall (and then Winter) are my favorite seasons, I tend to stock up on all cozy, cute items because I wear the heck out of them. However, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would know that I’m trying to save money and be more conscious about where my money goes. This means my shopping for the season is a bit tight. But no worries, this is where ThredUp came into my life.

See What Happened When I Shopped #SecondhandFirst

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ThredUp is a secondhand site that provides the best brands for such a discount price. And when I mean the best brands, I mean it. I end up getting a Zara dress, a Ripcurl leather jacket, a J Crew stop, a beanie, and Vans all for under $50! Yes, UNDER $50.

See What Happened When I Shopped #SecondhandFirst

Everything I got was in such amazing condition, practically brand new. There’s also an option on to search items with tags still on, so cool! The Vans I got are my absolute favorite and I’ve worn them nonstop. I’m counting down the days for California to actually get cooler so I can start wearing me stripped J Crew long sleeve top and my leather jacket on a regular basis!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect shopping secondhand. Especially shopping online not being to try things on, I get a little nervous. But everything was true to size and they constantly update with new items so there are always new options. I also loved that they have good brands. They have everything from Free People to Marc Jacobs. Seriously, where else will you find these brands for a fraction of the cost? I honestly will definitely shop at ThredUp again because I do love me some good high-end brands and this way I can have them without breaking the bank.

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Check out ThredUp and get 15% off if you’re already an existing member by using “LNB15” and if you’re new get  $50 off $125 or more using “WQA50” or $30 off $75 or more using “YHJ75.” What’s your favorite fall essentials?

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