Rocking My Study Sessions with My/Mo Mochi

Rocking My Study Sessions with My/Mo Mochi

Take a look at this taste snack that is perfect on the go and you can have it any time.

Getting back to studying after being done with undergrad two years ago has been tough. Also, grad school is no joke. It’s a lot of work and it’s hard to make sure everything gets done while life is still happening. I thought it would be somewhat similar to study load as undergrad, but I was wrong. It’s definitely tough. I needed to stay happy and energized. 

So when it comes to studying, I need incentives to get myself going and not stop. That’s where My/Mo Mochi comes in. I’m a huge snacker and My/Mo Mochi is perfect because it’s not a dessert, it’s a snack that you can take anywhere. They come in all different flavors like Sweet Mango and Green Tea and are bright, bold, and fun!

Rocking My Study Sessions with My/Mo Mochi Rocking My Study Sessions with My/Mo Mochi

So when I study, I created a system. Every time I get something big done, ex// a whole page written in a paper or finish a discussion, I eat one mochi ice cream snack. Snacking is the only way I can stay alert and happy because I can’t focus whatsoever when I’m on an empty stomach. Plus, this makes me actually want to study because I want to eat. Seriously, yummy stuff always wins.

My/Mo Mochi is easy to carry around so if I want to spend a day in the library, I can easily pack them in my backpack. They’re the perfect snacks because of that! I’m always on the go and hungry so My/Mo Mochi works.

Rocking My Study Sessions with My/Mo Mochi

Studying can get dull sometimes but having this fun mochi snacks makes it easier to get motivated and not think of the boring parts of studying. Seriously, snacks are the best thing so I’m glad I discovered My/Mo Mochi!

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Check out My/Mo Mochi near you here!

What are your best study tips or your favorite study snacks?

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