I knew I wanted to set goals for myself this year but I wanted to give it a twist. What better way than to give myself some goals using Disney characters. Disney movies are entertaining but they also have inspirational insight. So I’m taking some cues from them and putting them into resolutions! Here’s my main focuses.

Moana – Find Yourself

Since I’m on the quest this year to redeem my life some way, so I’m taking some pointers from my girl Moana and taking some time to find myself and who I am. I think when someone feels stuck is because they lose sight of who they are. I’ve always had this idea of me, but as I get older I realized I’m different. So your girl is going out and finding herself, however that may be.

Belle – Read More Books

I have so many books piling up and I’m falling behind on reading. I spend a lot of my time last year rereading books for no particular reason. Since I already sort of read, I want to read more books that would help me out and give me more knowledge. I love a good YA, but I need to keep expanding my horizons.

Mulan – Be Strong

I would like to think of myself as a strong person, mentally and physically, but I’m not. Mulan has always been my favorite because she’s tenacious. Early twenties are rough and it’s really time I toughen up a bit and learn to face things without cowering down.

Elena of Avalor – Honor My Family and Friends

The older I get the more I realize that my family and the close friends I keep are extremely important. This year I’m taking cues from my other favorite girl Elena and taking some time to spend time and acknowledge the people I love. These are the people who deal with me and my life, so I need to shower them with love.

Rapunzel – Have More Adventures

This year I have a few trips planned but I want to go out and see more things. I mean, I do live in Southern California which has a bunch of hidden gems, so I need to go out and just get lost in a new city for a bit.

Peter Pan – Stay Young

I’m turning 24 this year which is so weird to me. I don’t feel like I’m the age I am and now that I’m heading deeper into my mid-twenties, I can’t let myself lose a youthful spirit. No this does not mean I’ll be acting immature, but I won’t let age turn me into a dry person.


Are you keeping resolutions this year?

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  • Holly (nutfreenerd)

    Love this idea!! I agree with all of these, especially finding myself and having more adventures. I feel like I rarely do anything spontaneous or adventurous, and I really want to work on that in 2017! Happy New Year!

  • This is adorable! So creative!

  • Absolutely LOVE this theme for your resolutions this year and some of my own dreams for this year are right in line with yours–particularly the one about adventure and staying young!

  • Shani Ogden

    This is such a cute way to theme your goals for the year! I love the one about reading more books. I found that when I joined a book club, I was more exposed to books I wouldn’t normally read. Some I loved, some I didn’t, but the point was that I expanded my horizons and I did enjoy that.

  • Creative, I love all of these especially Peter Pan I always feel like I get put down for liking things that make me me and going to school where we have to grow up. Let me be young.


  • I love disney…those movies are just the best. They never fail to make you feel better and teach you really valuable life lessons too!

  • I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! I haven’t seen Moana yet though. But I love how you tied the characters to your resolutions.

  • This is too cute! They all have great resolutions!

    Clothes & Quotes

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks! Moana is so great! Definitely check it out when you have the chance.

  • Yeah! They’re entertaining and can show you things!

  • Exactly! We’re just liking things that make us still be young at heart and that is okay!

  • Ooo I might need to try joining a book club! Thank you!

  • Oh gosh, I love this! What a fun way to create goals for the new year !

  • Ahhh! Stumbled on this on bloglovin and was like, “WHOA!” I totally love this creative take on New Years Resolutions! You better kill it,girl!

    Shenga | helloshenga.com

  • Okay, this is simply amazing and creative! My favorite character is Belle but I’m loving the Moana and Elena resolutions. I’ve changed as I’ve gotten older too! Sometimes we just need to re-evaluate:-)