The Word is Redemption

I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to have a word for 2017 and partly because I felt like most words that get chosen are cutesy or really feel good. Not to be a pessimist, but I didn’t want to hold myself to that because I have no idea what this year holds. But there was a word that kept gnawing at me and it was the word “redemption.” Looking back at 2016, I and the rest of the world, to be honest, needs redemption. Redemption within our lives and with God.

I have this hunger to prove myself for some reason. A need to redeem where I am at life right now. 2016 left me questioning my past decisions, feeling bitter, and a bit lost. I let things get this way, so it’s time to change it.

The thing about redemption is that it gets messy. We have to fully acknowledge where we are, what we’ve done, and spill it all to God. It’s time to stop harboring past experiences and resentment to fully step into a new time freely. It’s time I realign my life to what God intended it to be.

That’s what attracted me about the word redemption. It’s a challenge that I have to come back to every day and surrender. But this is what I need. A push in the right direction where God leads. Everyone needs redemption.


Are you choosing a word this year?

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6 thoughts on “The Word is Redemption

  • I love the idea of coming up with a word for the year, but I’ve never done it. I’m going to take some time to think about it today – thanks for the inspiration!

  • Yes, everyone needs redemption. I love that Christ’s work means He is involved in redeeming the whole of creation–because we need it so badly! Great word for the year!

  • Love the word! So sorry to hear that 2016 left you in a few pieces, but hopefully 2017 will prove otherwise! I love that God is so ready for us no matter where we are or how we come. He’s in the business of redemption. Glad you are reclaiming your year!

    Thanks for being a part of the link-up!! I hope you were encouraged by other linkers.


  • Great word! I had a rough go in 2016 too and am totally unsure about what God has in store for 2017. Instead of choosing one word this year I’m choosing one for each week, so far I’m happy with my decision and excited to see where all my words lead me!

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