Read or Dread: The One

Read or Dread: The One

Singleness can be taken either positively or negatively, especially when wedding is in full swing. As much as I’m enjoying my season of singleness, it is hard to look at all these creative wedding hashtags and seeing the perfect days unfold. For this Read or Dread, I read The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts With You by Ryan and Amanda Leak, whose story went viral when they got engaged and married all in one day.

The book starts out with Ryan and Amanda talking about their journey and their wedding day. I wasn’t aware of their story before the book, so it was nice to see their background so I could understand the points they make in the book.

Throughout the book the provide advice from enjoying your singleness and how to prepare in this stage, to advice once you’re in a relationship. They use examples from their life and tips others have given them to better explain. The whole point of the book is to make sure that you’re preparing in your life to be a better person and be set for marriage, instead of just rushing into it because you want to plan a wedding.

The book is great because it shows you how not to stress about relationships and just trust God in the end. Although there may be pressure from society to have the best Instagram picture of an engagement ring, you can create your own love story at its own time. It gives advice on how to prepare financially and emotionally, while focusing on yourself instead of just frantically looking for a partner, which I think is great advice.

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The only negative thing is the fact that, although they do share some of their issues, they are always on the right track, not that it’s bad but it’s important to remember not to compare your life to theirs and each person has different struggles. They share how they are givers and love helping others and are selfless, while they deeply loved each other, which is great, however, it is good to remind yourself when reading that this is just their personality and you’re not doomed to a loveless life because you don’t donate your paycheck.

I’m giving The One 4 stars out of 5 because it gives a good perspective of just enjoying the single season and the steps you can take to prepare yourself for the future, instead of just moping around waiting for something to happen. Plus, it’s so entertaining to read someone’s love story unfold.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for reviewing. All opinions are my own.


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