Read or Dread: Crash the Chatterbox

I don’t read many non-fiction books. This might come as a shock but I only started getting into reading about two years ago. So the thought of reading a book that didn’t have characters to follow made me kind of hesitant.

However, I needed a new way to connect with God, so when I saw Crash the Chatterbox, I knew I had to grab it because it’s about one of my greatest struggles. I tend not to read other people’s reviews about books until after I’m done, but I read the ones for this one and it was pretty divided so I knew I had to read it with an open mind. What Steven Furtick is talking about in this book, is how to squash the voices, in our minds and from those around us, to just focus on what God is saying. The book teaches you to look at what your thoughts have been like and analyze where they are coming from.

Crash the Chatterbox is broken up into section that leads you ease into what’s going on with the “chatter” you hear in your head. Furtick compares the enemy’s thoughts to what God is really saying and provides ways to just listen to what God is saying and remembering who God is. That’s the essence of the book, shifting through our “chatter” and see what is keeping us from living, achieving, and glorifying God in what we do.

Telling people to ignore negative thoughts is easier said than done. So throughout the book, I appreciate Furtick’s transparency and the way that he can give real, raw examples to show his point. There’s a lot of pop cultural references, so if you’re still old school, you may not appreciate as much, but I felt it help bring things into perspective for a younger generation. This was a big complaint I saw in the reviews I read, so I’m pointing it out. Since I am my own worst critic, I genuinely enjoyed reading what he had to say. It’s a decent read and I definitely felt I learned a thing or two about how to control the negative thoughts that will always happen.

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Have you read this book? What are your opinions? What are you currently reading? I would love new suggestions!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

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7 thoughts on “Read or Dread: Crash the Chatterbox

  • This sounds like a really good book. I appreciate how you kept it so real in your review. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to the bookstore today to find a book for a mentee/friend and I to read together, so I will keep this one in mind. Do you have any other books you recommend?

  • This sounds like a good book. I liked that you wrote about it enough to not give anything away. I may have to pick this one up. I am currently reading The Vacationers by Emma Straub! So far, so good!

  • I can’t believe you just got into reading and I am glad you did so we can share some thoughts! I love your review. You capture the essence and purpose of the book. I am currently reading the same book as you already know and it has been helping during this season of my life.

  • Thanks that’s the best compliment! I always freak out that I’m either giving too little or too much of the story. Gotta check that book out when I’m done!

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