Read: Lost In Translation by Ella Frances Sanders

I have this tradition that I have to pick up a book that is an extremely light read to clear my head from longer books that take up my thoughts (currently read Gone Girl, so see where I’m coming from). I’m such a big fan of book covers, yes I judge them, so Lost In Translation immediately got my attention. I don’t think you understand my love for words and languages. I love words and that is probably why I’m so wordy.

The book is visually beautiful with illustrations to accompany what the word is saying. It includes words from all over the world and some so profound and some speaking about eating bananas. All important and useful for when they are needed. Plus, it enriches your vocabulary and you can boast to your friends in different languages, so that’s cool.

You can probably read the book in one sitting and isn’t that long. It’s the type of book you leave out in your night stand or coffee table. It’s a cute book and if you get a kick out off words, then Lost In Translation is definitely for you.