Quick & Comfy Travel Outfits

Quick & Comfy Travel Outfits

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If you must know, I’m a pretty lazy dresser. I’d rather be really comfy than look amazing. When it comes to traveling, I take the comfy factor extra serious. I hate the feeling of being constricted or that I have something bulky on a long trip. The thing about travel outfits is that sometimes it’s not something we would necessarily wear during our actual trip but I will be sharing some of my favorite travel pieces that are versatile. Travel smarter and a lot comfier! Here’s are some quick & comfy travel outfits!

Comfy Bottoms

Look, I know not everyone is on board with leggings but they really are amazing! They’re also perfect for flights. You can stretch and they’re soft enough that they low key feel like pajamas. If you’re going somewhere that you will be walking a lot, leggings are perfect for outfits! There are many cute ones that don’t look like leggings, and jeggings are also a perfect alternative.

The Right Tops

I’m the kind of person that likes oversized shirts. Let me tell you, they’re the greatest tops I own. Pair this with leggings and I think you have the best travel outfit in the world. The right top is essential for a good travel outfit. If you wear something that needs you to keep pulling up or needs extra care, it’s just an extra worry you don’t need. Soft shirts are your go to.

If You’re Cold

Airplanes are always too cold for me, regardless if it’s 100 degrees outside. This can go both ways. You can either bring a blanket, which is great because you can use it wherever you stay. But if that’s not your thing, a cute, oversized sweater (yes, I love oversized everything) it makes it so comfy and just makes every outfit chill but cute.

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Easy Shoes

Getting through TSA is one of the most tedious things we have to do. It makes me so anxious having to take off tricky shoes and putting them back on then holding up the line. Seriously, this is one of my anxieties. I made it a point to travel with cute shoes that are easy to slip on. Also, I have a comfy pair of low boots (couldn’t find them online) that are so easy to slip on, but having a good pair of sneakers does the trick too!


What does your travel style look like? Do you rather be dressed up or take a chill route?

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